Do you use injectables? How much is too much? or too little?

Injectables good for you?

Generally speaking, a neurotransmitter is a chemical used for neuron to neuron communication, whereas a neuromodulator is a chemical that affects the neurotransmission of a whole group of neurons.

Neurotoxins can be injected into the face to fight against gravity and prevent the skin from sagging. It also slows down the process that makes the creases that form around the muscles in the face become permanent. Botox® used to be the most popular injectable toxin but there is a new treatment in town called Jeuveau™.

Jeuveau™ is also a neurotoxin like Botox® and it can be injected in between the eyebrows or at the corners of the eyes to stop the natural muscle contractions that form the wrinkles. It can also prevent new lines from forming and smooth out the old ones which could potentially deepen with time.

You probably get questions regarding the difference between the brands. Botox is approved for treating forehead lines and crow’s feet in addition to glabellar lines. Dysport is approved only for glabellar lines. The procedure involving Botox is like that of Dysportundefined

The moral of the story is when will we be able to get our injectables again? I don’t know about you but I do not want to get this new vaccine! I really want the scientist to send me peer studies and case studies before I even attempt to put a virus in me.

My money is on aesthetics and I will keep you updated on the news with our time to get back to our ways!

Stay Tuned!

Maria Zucchero


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