Real People, REAL IMPACT

As we are experiencing the social distancing our lives have changed more than ever. We use to be able to leave and go to work, to school and see friends. This has been a scary moment but I think we are working on improving the quality of life.

How has your family life changed?

Cleaning the house has become more and more difficult but I made a promise to eliminate toxins and chemicals since we are home 24-7. Everyday we inhale harmful chemicals inside our homes from indoor air pollution and dust, as well as from chemical cleaners,, fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

I was so nervous about my son catching the C19 because of his asthma and needed to cleanse his enviroment.

I searched high and wide for chemical free products in our supplies and had no luck. I got suggestions from friends and family but then I found Norwex.

Cleaning the surfaces in your home quickly and without harmful chemicals can be challenging. So I started with the microfiber cloths which cleaned the dirtiest surfaces using only water and removed up to 99% of bacteria with only water. Hallelujah!

I needed a safe and effective product that could remove all kinds of stains plus deeply embedded dirt and grime from multiple surfaces. You know how that goes- bathroom sinks, baths, toilets etc..

I quickly started with the cleaning paste “elbow grease in a jar” with my damp enviroCloth to remove rust stains, hard water stains, scuff marks, permanent marker, dirt, grime, soap scum and so much more from a variety of surfaces!

My daughter decided to paint on my kitchen walls and I was so upset. If it wasn’t bad enough to be stuck in a house I had to figure out how I can fix the walls. This cleaning paste saved our walls that day. Are there any people in your life who might need a little elbow grease in their homes?

As far as my kids rooms, I needed to find something to help with dust buildup that could cause respiratory health issues and not use chemicals. I started giving each kid a dusting mitt because it would be fun to get them involved and busy. The static charge attracts dust like a magnet. They slipped the mitt on and and they started dusting from anywhere that would have fingerprints.

The best part is Norwex turned into a business for myself and my family. This has helped us grow as a family and cultivate personal relationships. I joined Norwex because I fell in love with this new way to clean without chemicals. What I love most is helping others with worry-free living and making a difference for other families.

The reason I’m excited to invite you to consider joining me in Norwex is I really think Norwex will be a great fit for you and will give you more time with your family. I now have a business that allows me to make a difference in others lives.

Everyone be safe

Maria Zucchero

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