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(CHANGE AGENT) Molestation Survivors Activist – Geopolitical Analyst of Pedophile Cabal Crimes-Prevention Consultant – Watchdog Over GA Hidden Predator Act 2015/2018 (Predator Survivor /Media Guest/Advocate /PR /Writer)

Collection of Articles Written by Change Agent Advocate Alan Fountain about the Behind the Scenes War Against Treasonous Globalism & Perpetrators of Sex Crimes to Minors.


Advocate Bio with all Social Media and PSA Campaign Links: 

 I hope you learn and elevate your consciousness while I validate the reasons why I support the Trump Administration for their verified policies that halted the many torturous crimes that were being executed against me during the Obama Administration for exposing Pedophile Rings in Georgia. All Administrations after Reagan and before Trump was responsible for Gross Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions to American Citizens while neglecting the welfare of kids against the pandemic of the sexual predator crimes to minors by molestation and sex trafficking. 

I have dedicated the last 5 years to work Full time as a Volunteer advocate/activist challenging Weak Laws & Legislation while bringing awareness about these horrific crimes to minors and the Public officials who work in our Government that are both Enablers and sometimes Perpetrators. Advocates like myself who don’t join and adapt to Deep State & Cabal Policies are kept from opportunities that can allow them to excel financially to prevent a platform of resources that could support exposing the system. Please support your alternative media sources when possible. Bio Profile Highlighting The Advocacy Journey:

Published by Maria Chicago Native

Maria Zen Creations is the beginning of my journey with Love & Light coming together. So how does "light" and "love" come together in this world? Well, Love is the glue that binds existence together for us spiritually and mentally. Without love, what would be the point for us? I believe we all come together in a spiritual circle --Namaste---meaning "I bow to you"---it is beautiful. In Conclusion, I want to pass along my love energy, and I am also giving you some of my love light. ---Maria Zucchero

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