Once again saved by DJT

By Jason Q

Well this may be a bit fun to say the least.

Today’s SpaceX launch was stopped at T-17 minutes before launch

🤔🤔. What is T. It’s 20


Would it shock you that they were that stupid to do this shit again???

Listening to the X22 report tonight and DAVE was reading an article from the Washington Times….

It was almost as if it was a repeat…..

And it was.

Pain in 23 pics

Nicknamed “Montezuma’s Revenge” back in 2017 when researching…..



Warning of flood beforehand (launch delayed by weather???)

Virgin and Pine nut. ( who symbolizes a Pine tree??? Lucifer)

Ability to produce rain ( water again)

Version on back of Eagle. (Iron Eagle?)

WW. 55

Cover paint scheme?

Half red. Half Green (Red Castle Green Castle)

Green side had “triangular holes for eyes”
(Was asked what a triangle stands for…. also many drops about being able to see clearly)

I see a Jesuit…..

Casa Grande? That’s the Big House!

  1. Add em up. That’s a 28.
  2. That’s another 7.

All equals a 35 (they were at Kennedy Space Center…. ya know… the 35th POTUS)

LH was Left Hand… also Llewellyn Harris??🤔🤔


Then there’s Madoc….. let’s see that

Gwynedd? Who was the COO of Space X again?

Gwynne Shotwell…. a Deep State asset

And who were these people possibly have founded? The Incas…Mayans…Aztec…..

Funny. Aren’t they all HUGE into Human Sacrificing? All the way to Epstein Island.

But then in the 171 page doc…. chapter 5

The Aussies prove that the Swine flu was manufactured in a laboratory….

In 2009

Add 11 years.

  1. May 21st. (7-7-7)

Oh look. The Aussies seem to have said the SAME EXACT THING about the Covid19


The launch today….. had something on it.

It had a humanity killing virus aboard.

POTUS wanted to make sure he was there to stop the launch.

When is the next launch date?


At 3:22 pm Houston time.

Eat that 🍆 Skull and Bones.

In one of the drops…. [AVOIDED Z]

The ZUMA Virus.

That was their last hurrah.

Montezuma’s Revenge….. failed once again.

Thanks for playing you Satanic pricks.

Time fo you to all go bye bye.

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