There will be deception and we need to look for the White Horse, white robes & real Jesus Christ! sharing this on behalf of Sherry Shriner- ALLEGEDLY


The Political Agenda of the Beast 
by Sherry Shriner

The arrival of the Antichrist is not something most of the church crowd expects to happen right now. They have been conditioned to believe in a massive disappearance around the world of believers before the tribulation period even begins. This is known as the pre-trib rapture. The Bible Codes indicate that most people are going to be completely surprised and in a panic when they see Lucifer coming through the clouds surrounded by UFOs incarnated in a human’s body declaring he is the prophesied Messiah to come. Since most of the religions around the world are awaiting a messiah or prophet to come, he will be able to  deceive them all because he will cater to them all. 

      The government has spent millions of dollars in technology, particularly on the space station to help with the theatrics of his arrival to earth. A gramophone mounted at the space station will announce his arrival and HAARP will orchestrate holographics to play along with the facade.

     I helped expose government  involvement from information that came out of their black operations program called the Blue Beam Project which I revealed on my website at the and was later confirmed in the Bible Codes. 

     I learned that they will claim those in the UFOs are Ascended Masters, our forefathers and creators, or even angelic beings (his host of angels since he is God), and it will be a worldwide spectacular event, also aired live on TV as it happens. 

     The Bible Codes reveal massive panic among the nations of the world, not the huge acceptance he expects. Maybe that is why he is so angry when he arrives. I’ve never been able to pin exactly what angers him so much, but when Lucifer arrives as the Antichrist, he is angry. I do not know if he will display it or hide it, but he does not hide it for long. One of the first things he does is make a visible example of his enemies to scare everyone else into accepting him.

      Imagine the panic of the millions of church pew Christians who expected to be raptured off the earth before that spectacle ever came. And instead of seeking Yahweh as to what is going on, they will head back to the same churches who have deceived them over the ages and expect to find answers.

      The scary thing is, the beast’s prophets are already in place. Their leading our biggest denominations and churches, and they will not give the people the truth of what is going on, but in collusion with Satan will verify that this person who came in the clouds with the UFOs is indeed Jesus the Messiah.

      Those following religion have always been confident in the false belief that they will not be deceived because they are the elect. Says who? Define elect. Yes, the elect will not be deceived because they are not in the churches listening to or following man. They have sought Yahweh for the truth, and they were led out of the paganism and lies in the churches. The Lord pulled me out of them years ago. And you will hear the same thing from hundreds, even thousands of others who have sought the Lord for the truth and He has had them leave the churches as well.

     Deception is not just going to be rampant then; it’s everywhere now. Most people will not even know we are in the tribulation period until it hits them smack on the head, if they so choose to even wake up then. 

     Millions of Christians will be herded onto trains and taken to their deaths just from the acts of martial law alone, which are coming to this country. The camps are built, the trains are ready, and the churches are sleeping. When the chip or mark is enforced you have to wonder if people will recognize it for what it is. In Revelation chapter 13 it says by DECEPTION the world is deceived. I’ve seen in the codes how FEMA and other government organizations will enforce the beast mark as an economic policy. They are not going to tell people it is swearing allegiance to Lucifer. It’s an ECONOMIC POLICY that every nation of the world puts into legislation and enforces. 

The Coming Economic Policy:
 The Beast Prosperity Program

     What is this coming economic policy that will be so widely accepted and put mankind into slavery? If that is the end result, then how does it so deceptively get accepted to begin with? Surely we are smarter than to accept something that will only ultimately lead to our own destruction. 

     Nothing new is going to happen in the last days. Everything happening then can be seen now working and being prepared behind the scenes. 

     Over the past several years, an economic policy called the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) has come into the forefront.  NESARA claims it would abolish the Federal Reserve System and provide for the buyout of all shares and facilities of the Federal Reserve Corporation by the U.S. Treasury. This NESARA would allegedly wipe out over 90% of the U.S. national debt because The Federal Reserve System’s charge of fees and interest are the main causes of the U.S. national debt. Therefore, after the buyout, the government could wipe out over 90% of the debt. 

      NESARA sounds good at a glance. But it gets so much better. It promises to be a huge prosperity program for everyone involved.

        Some of the major features of NESARA to become their propaganda battle cry is to improve liberty, prosperity, and sovereignty of average people worldwide. It is to ensure the average person’s life is improved and their financial and economic assets are safeguarded. 

      They are ensuring liberty and sovereignty while at the same time taking it away and demanding you conform to their economic model. This is not an offer, NESARA is a demand, a global tyranny about to take over and for those who do not conform they will be subjugated and taken over by those who do. 

     NESARA features a new U.S. Treasury Bank system of which is imminent and claims that U.S. Bank officials have been aware of the U.S. Treasury Bank system for over a year and confirm the “Rainbow Project,” that is the new U.S. Treasury currency.

     The proponents of NESARA claim people in most countries will receive bank-related debt forgiveness for credit card debt, mortgages, car loans, education loans, personal loans, home refinancing mortgages, home equity loans, etc. similar to what people in the U.S. are receiving. Credit cards issued by major merchants such as Sears will also be forgiven because the funds backing these merchant credit cards are ultimately linked back to banks. And all credit unions will be forced to become a part of the new US Treasury bank system.

       How can they wipe out personal debt? The plan is to pay the banks and credit unions $8,500 per credit card to erase the credit card balances and then bribe people with additional generous amounts of money to forgive the car, education, mortgage, personal, refinancing, and other loans people are held hostage by. This money is allegedly coming from funds that have been accumulating over 20 years in European banks. 

      According to their own publications, there will be increases in the monthly amounts of social services payments similar to what people in the U.S. receive for Social Security retirement payments, disability payments, and family support payments, etc. within a few months of NESARA being announced. 

       All federal government social services payments will be continued after NESARA until U.S. citizens/sovereigns/natural persons begin receiving funds from the “new prosperity” programs. 

      The proponents claim, the new prosperity programs will be publicly announced after NESARA is announced. Eventually, all people worldwide will have access to these programs.  According to NESARA proponents, there has been enough money in the world for the last 30 years that if the money were evenly distributed, every person would be a millionaire. Five percent of the world’s people control 95% of the world’s wealth; NESARA frees up vast amounts of money for worldwide distribution to all the world’s people except those people serving the dark agenda. NESARA initiates the distribution of vast wealth to people all across the world.” You can view more of the plan in detail at

       I think in particular, what cracked me up the most was the statement that everyone can get wealthy by worldwide distribution of money except those who serve “the dark agenda.” Exactly what is considered by the beast crowd to be the dark agenda? I assume it is us, those who seek and follow the Most High God and not theirs of mammon.

     The “National Economic Security And Reformation Act” – NESARA – provides major benefits to Americans including:   

  · Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities 

  · Abolishes income tax 

  · Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government 

  · Increases benefits to senior citizens 

  · Returns Constitutional Law 

  · Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement 

  · Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities od special interest groups 

  · Creates new US Treasury currency, “rainbow currency,” backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals 

  · Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters. 

  · Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law 

  · Eliminates the Federal Reserve System 

  · Restores financial privacy 

  · Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law 

  · Ceases all aggresive, US government military actions worldwide 

  · Establishes peace throughout the world 

  · Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades 

  · Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes 

  · Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices

excerpted from


1. Each country MUST ABOLISH their INCOME TAXES;

2. Each country must agree to institute common law;

3. Each country must have government leaders elected by the people;

4. Each country must agree to live in PEACE;

5. Each country must bestow UNIVERSAL PROSPERITY to ALL their citizens by using the money-making formulas and processes which have a proven 200-year track record of success in providing massive prosperity

       According to the Omegans, this law is already on the books, just waiting to be announced. They promote it as an act of peace, yet this is then enforced upon the entire world, regardless of whether they want it or not. It is a Global Agenda.

      NESARA is nothing but a money and wealth bribe. And naturally people want to be wealthy; it’s enticing. No more bills, a chance to be a millionaire, and they will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

     What they do not realize is that this is the same system that actually ran inter-planetary during the pre-Adamic era. There is nothing new about the New World Order. It is the old order repackaged and coming back for the last days with, once again, Lucifer at the top running it. As before, Lucifer was at the time a cherub in charge of earth and other planets, and in his greed and pride, rebelled and wanted to be like God. He boasted that he would become like the Most High.  In these last days, he will be allowed to play God for 42 months. His assistant, partner, what the Bible calls the second beast, who the churches call the False Prophet, will perform miracles and claim that the Antichrist is the one who gave him the power to do it, therefore, proclaiming this “messiah” (Lucifer) the Antichrist is God.

      If and When NESARA is announced, it will begin the total dissolving of the Illuminati’s worldwide behind the scenes control and domination efforts. In effect, we trade one global tyrant, the Illuminati who are working to bring in their own NWO for another, the Omegans and their NESARA NWO.

     The Omegans are Lucifer’s armies, the Omega Army, the last days army. And they are not referring toYahweh’s armies of 144,00. The Omegans are literal aliens and those who support their agenda. As for the aliens,  the Anuk, the Draco, the Reptilians and Greys. They will roam the earth and enforce the policies of the Antichrist. They are not friendly. They are hostile. When famine comes from the judgments of Yahweh for the world accepting Lucifer as its leader, the food will run out, and the Anuk, as they did before during and before Noah’s time, will prey on the humans as food.

The Omegans

      The Omegans are the ones behind NESARA. The leaders are Ascended Master Liar sAint Germaine (his supporters refer to him as a saint, I say he isn’t, thus the spelling, sAint) and Ascended Master Liar Sananda-Maitreya. The Dove of Oneness is the official announcer for NESARA activity. The Omegans call themselves the White Knights and claim that the term ‘white knights” is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business when weaker companies are rescued from hostile takeovers by what is termed as a White Knight corporation or wealthy person.  These are NOT real White Knights. From their own terminology, white knights help prevent companies from hostile takeover, yet these Omegans, with their NESARA agenda, are subtly themselves declaring a hostile takeover of the entire world!

    If you do not join their program, you cannot buy or sell anything anywhere in the world. You cannot go down to the corner store and buy a loaf of bread unless you join the program, and you join this new economic program by getting the global chip that identifies you. They will promote new global technology that resembles “smart card” technology where they can put all your information on an implantable chip and without it, you cannot even continue to function in society. It will replace the need for cash; it will do everything the implantable chips you hear about now are doing; only it will be enforced instead of voluntary. 

    The Apostle John warned us of this in Revelation 13: 16:

    And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark (or chip) in (or on) their right hand, or in (or on) their foreheads:

    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. 

    Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

       I clarified some of the terms for reasons of importance and translations. It does not matter which translation you are reading of the Bible, just know that this mark can be a barcode, a tattoo or an implantable chip, and just stay away from anything that is required to be put on or in your right hand or forehead, so you can keep functioning as a buyer and seller in society. 

      This is the BEAST system that the apostle warned about. When you see it, and it’s already here and coming even moreso in the future to be enforced, then recognize it for what it is. It’s a beast system and it’s led by a beast. It is all from Satan, and it will enslave you and entrap your soul into allegiance to him. He deceived millions of angels into a rebellion against the Most High in the early ages, and he is going to use the same tactic of deception in the last days to deceive millions of people to once again join him in a rebellion against the Most High. 

The Players

      The two who really run the agenda for NESARA are sAint Germaine and sAint Sananda. 

Some Facts About Saint Germaine:

From their own Files: 

• He is known as “the man who never dies and knows everything” although he reportedly ascended only 250 years ago. 

• He founded Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry in England. He did this under the name Francis Bacon (several reincarnations in every era). It was his dream to create in America a new country free of corruption, greed, and dictatorial monarchies. He was instrumental in formulating the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the United States as they were being written by his Masonic followers who founded this nation. Their Masonic symbols can be seen on the dollar bill.

• He appears at meetings by walking through the walls

• He displays supernatural powers

• He wears a cross necklace.

Some Facts About Sananda

From their own Files:

• He is “beamed” into meetings. He just shows up in the center or somewhere in the meeting room out of nowhere. Unlike Germaine who’s seen walking through the walls. (don’t bang your head on the way out…) 

• Ascended 2000 years ago 

• He’s also known as Maitreya

• Is always seen with sAint Germaine 

• Resembles the pictures we have grown up seeing as “Jesus.” You can see their pictures at my website http://www.omegansareliars.comand it will not take you long to discover that we have been led down the river of deception since we have been born and conditioned into believing what “Jesus” looks like, when it’s not Him at all; it’s this Sananda who is coming portraying and mocking Him. These pictures we have seen all our lives as “Jesus” are nothing more than the coming Sananda. Of course we knew those were really just artist renditions of what Jesus might look like, but to realize it was purposeful conditioning. This is going to not only put many into a panic because they are confused and think he might actually be the real Jesus, and yet anger most of those who know better. It’s going to be complete chaos and confusion.

Germaine & Sananda Display Supernatural Powers

       I chose not to paraphrase this but to present it all in their own terms. It’s straight from the horse’s mouths about their leaders. 

      Excerpted from

      “Some of you have asked about the Ascended Masters; there are over 20 Ascended Masters involved, however, the two that are closely involved with NESARA are Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and Ascended Master Sananda. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine ascended over 250 years ago. Ascended Master Sananda ascended over 2,000 years ago.These two have worked together on various projects for eons and are eternal beings. The King of Swords (KOS, our White Knight in the White House) along with many other White Knights in the D.C. area frequently attends meetings where these two Ascended Masters are present in PHYSICAL form.

      Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is about 6′ 2″ tall and He is “buff” as the White Knights like to say. He has dark slightly curling hair, a mustache, and a short beard. He wears a dark-violet (like the violet flame of which He often has spoken) colored tunic and pants with knee-high riding boots. Around His Neck He wears a thick golden chain with a golden cross. He has visited me on a few occasions and I have compared notes on His Appearance with others who have seen Him in physical form. I recently received an email regarding a woman who is close friends with a U.S. Senator and the Senator quoted someone in the White House who said during a meeting of the Bush cabinet, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine was physically present and admonished Bush Jr. and the Bush cabinet as “school yard bullies.” 

      I have not personally seen Ascended Master Sananda but KOS and numerous White Knights have seen Him in physical form in meetings in the D.C. area and other places.

      It is impossible for anyone to impersonate the Ascended Masters (or use Their Names as aliases) because they have ways of proving who they are and have done so in World Court. Also They have unique ways of arriving at the meetings They attend. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine likes to announce His Presence by walking through a wall into the meeting room. Since humans cannot walk through walls, this is one way Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine conveys it is truly He who is there and His Method of arrival is a subtle reminder of His Authority. Ascended Master Sananda generally arrives at the meetings by “beaming in” like they do on Star Trek.

      The reason the Ascended Masters are here is because these are unusual times and they have planned for a long time to help Earth’s people raise themselves out of the tyrannies, manipulation, and poverty in which they are now. I have frequently included articles from other sources which explain that the years between 1987 and 2012 are years about which there is both scientific and ancient cultural understandings that these years are unique. We have many indicators that we MUST change the situation on Earth for the better. The Ascended Masters have known for a long time that this “divine timing” was approaching and have been working for thousands of years on many actions which have been successful in getting us to the point that we Earth Humans are knowledgeable enough to be able to do our parts to fix the problems on our planet.”

       Most of the lingo common among those who are working to get NESARA announced is in itself a deceptive piece of art. Remember this is the Omegans talking, not Christians. Notice how Biblical the lingo sounds: This was excerpted from their prophecies of the coming Ascended Masters  from

• The Father will raise up a mighty army of the faithful to deal a mighty blow to the cruel and greedy men of this world.

•  He will pour out A MIGHTY GIFT upon his little ones who will CHANGE THE WORLD for the BETTERMENT of all mankind.

 • He will incamp a MIGHTY ANGELIC ARMY with swords of fire TO PROTECT them.

• In those days He will call those children His Omegans.

• In Heaven’s perfect timing

• Our Golden Age

      They refer to the Antichrist as the Father with an Angelic Army who’s coming from Heaven. It’s enough to make anyone cringe, if not completely sick.

     They even have their own prayer:


Author Unknown

            In the Name of the Office of the Christ, and by the power of our Mighty I AM Presence, we call upon Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and the Violet Flame, and the FORCES OF LIGHT to fully protect our White Knight Teams, and all those who are bringing NESARA to announcement, and we command and demand the continuous presence and overshadowing protection of the FORCES OF LIGHT on their behalf!

            We pray that they might come to a full understanding of what it means to ‘humbly ask for help’ by the power of their own Mighty I AM presence, and to use THE VIOLET FIRE ofTransmutation, and the gifts that the FORCES OF LIGHT, and the Galactic Federation of Worlds are presenting to the world.  And so it is! – 

      According to their website, this prayer has been used many times over during meditations in front of the Peace Palace of the World Court, The Hague, by European Members of the NESARA Take Action Team.   

      When NESARA is announced as our New Economic Policy, it is expected to require over four hours of non-stop babble on television over what it is and how it will run.

      According to their website, “There will be no advance public notice that the NESARA law announcement is going to be broadcast. On the day NESARA is announced, there will be an unexpected break in normal broadcasting, and the television and radio stations will announce they are interrupting regular programming to cover breaking news from Washington, D.C. As the NESARA announcement broadcast begins, we will see U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist do a short introduction to NESARA; then the video tapes of Bush’s and Cheney’s resignation speeches will be broadcast (if it happens during their administration). Next we will see the NESARA President and Vice President Designates sworn in. The last part of the NESARA announcement will be almost four hours long and include NESARA’s history, overview, and benefits.

      It is long-time Omegan Al Gore who would be sworn in as the designated president. As for Vice President it would be speculation, but I will speculate on Hillary Clinton for the job since she has been a long time Omegan herself. 

     This is the Omegan plan. However the Bible Codes indicate Worldwide Terror and Shock! The World is NUMB! Not just at the outrageous entrance of UFO’s, but the codes show this Phony-Fake-Messiah as the Announcer of NESARA is a Savage and Uncivilized Beast who murders people on live television to make an example of his enemies and those against his agenda! This entire NESARA facade will backfire, and the World is completely shocked at the whole thing! 

     Before the announcement, agenda plans call for a spectacular UFO invasion.  The announcement will then suddenly show up on our televisions without any forewarning (similar to what they say about Matreya appearing worldwide, it’s the same person). The announcement process may consist of two parts: the first part is about 15 minutes and basically includes the return to Constitutional Law, Bush’s and Cheney’s resignations, the swearing in of the NESARA President and Vice President Designates, and the President Designate will briefly discuss bank debt forgiveness and declare PEACE immediately. Sound familiar? The second part is a process that takes place over several days and includes speeches and lectures revealing the new policy itself of NESARA.

            “They say Peace when there is no Peace” 

            Their Agenda is Peace and Prosperity

       It all sounds good until you realize you are selling your soul to the devil to save a few bucks. It’s just exchanging one global agenda for another. NESARA vs.Illuminati with Satan playing both sides. 

       Yes, we would all like everything NESARA promises to give, but on OUR TERMS, not THEIRS, and without mocking the depiction and resemblence of our Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua with their Germaine and Sonanda.

       How many will be deceived by Sananda when they see him for themselves and realize he looks (appearance) and sounds (terminology) just like the Jesus of the Bible? Will they know this is a DECEPTION?


      NESARA is found in Genesis 40:14 in the Bible Codes.  The clusters I found within the code speak for themselves:

 Ministry – Agency – Abominate – Abomination – Disgusting – Repugnant – Babylon – Omegan – Backfire

Announcement – Emergency – Brotherhood – Establishment – Undertaking – Project – Calamitous – Illusion – Delusion – Fallacy 

Corrosion – Demonic – Ghoulish – Falsehood – Lie – Backfire – Babylon (USA) – Cheated – Deceived – Fooled – Nation – People

Satan – Ministry – Inform – Improve – Falsehood

 Lie – Omegan 

 World – Numb – Shocked – Overpowering – Shocking – Announcement – Pact – Concordat – Terror – Horror – Terrorist – Phony – Lord – Yahweh – Backfire – Savage – Uncivilized – Fraudulent – Phony – Fake – Deceitful

       Our real Heavenly Father is not coming in a swarm of UFOs to announce a new worldwide Economic Program. The Bible reveals quite an opposite picture of the one the Omegans are going to portray.

   The Second Coming of Christ

Revelation 19:11-16

            And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.

            His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns; and He had a name written, that no man knew, but He Himself.

            And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His name is called the Word of God.

            And the armies which were in heaven followed Him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

            And out of His mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations: and He shall rule them with a rod of iron: and He treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

            And He hath on His vesture and on His thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

      In Zechariah 4:5c it says, “…and the Lord my God shall come, and all the saints with thee.” 

      Yahushua is not coming in a UFO. He is coming riding a White Horse. He is coming with tens of thousands of His saints dressed in white robes and riding white horses, not aliens in UFOs. No announcement from a space station will be needed to get the world’s attention of His arrival and descent. The world will see this HUGE PROCESSION from the skies as they slowly descend to earth, taking many hours for the whole world to witness this event. He will arrive at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and by the breath of His lips He will destroy the armies gathered for the Great Battle of Armageddon. 

      Do not be deceived by the Imposter that is coming bearing the Name of Jesus! He is NOT the Real Jesus! 

      Jesus is not coming to bring peace and prosperity to the world, He is coming to judge and destroy it! 

       He already came as a Savior to the world, and the world rejected Him at His first coming. In His Second Coming, He is coming as a Warrior and a Judge! 

       The False Messiah coming will declare Peace! 

       Do not believe him! He will cause nothing but war, death, and destruction!

       In fact, this false messiah will even come against the true believers of the real Jesus Christ, Yahushua Ha Maschiach. He will begin an earth cleansing process to kill and get rid of all those who stand in his way of implementing worldwide Satan worship unto himself, disguised as an economic program to bribe the gullible into accepting his chip and mark of loyalty.

       This false messiah is Satan Himself incarnate in man. Do not be deceived! Do not believe his lies! He himself wants to be worshipped as God and he will cause families to go up against one another to betray those who believe in the real Son of God, even to death. Real believers in the Real Son of God will be persecuted worldwide and killed for their faith! Even by those proclaiming to be Christians! 

Matthew 24:4-13

             Take heed that no man deceive you.

             For many shall come in my Name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. 

            And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all thee things must come to pass, but the end if not yet.

            For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers (various) places.

            All these are the beginning of sorrows.

            Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my names’s sake.

            And then shall many be offended (stumble), and shall betray one another, and shall hate on another (even those proclaiming to be Christians will be deceived and turn on their fellow brethren).

             And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many (supernatural powers).

            And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold (Christians will start backsliding).

            But he that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.

       It is this NESARA that will be the political agenda and political platform of the Antichrist.  When he arrives on earth, it is probably going to be the first thing he implements as he uses it to bribe a greedy and gullible world into riches and prosperity.

       What better way to get 6 billion people to get a chip implanted than dangle the promises of a million dollars over their head and the elimination of debt? 

        And if that does not entice you, you will not have much choice because, without getting the chip or mark, you cannot put gas in your car; you cannot cash your paycheck; you cannot buy food. You are going to find yourself hostage to either getting this chip and joining the NESARA system or just dying.  The only religious exemption will be at the guillotine.

        It is better to die upholding your faith in Yahweh than to serve eternity in hell. Because if you join the NESARA system, the system of Revelation 13, you will automatically give your soul to Lucifer. 

       This NESARA system will never last or work. The judgments from Yahweh alone will throw this world into mayhem and chaos, and all the money in the world will not be able to buy food that does not exist or save you from natural disasters you cannot control. Yahweh is going to destroy this world, and no amount of money or riches will save you from it.

      Better to die a martyr than enslaved to Satan and then cast into hell for eternity for turning your back on Yahweh. 

      By Deception, Lucifer will deceive the world. It’s not an economic program but soul enslavement to Lucifer.  Once you receive that chip or mark promoted as technological advancements, he owns your soul. Do not be deceived!

NESARA and the Omegans – The Unveiling
By Sherry Shriner

Everything about their agenda completely defies Bible Prophecy – Sherry Shriner

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