Reset 2020- How to make the change?

Who are we today and how we can improve our ecosystem? During the last few months we all have experienced a paradigm shift and needed to question our existence. Though it has been tough to look in a mirror and make that change, most of us have gotten the picture. WE ARE THE CHANGE. Do you ever think back in history and wonder, how did our ancestors do it? We are the future ancestors that our kids, grandkids will be talking about. How did we let it get so difficult to live in a society of fear, and uncertainty? Maybe it wasn’t us in the first place, and maybe we need to break free from our shackles of a corporate government. I can honestly say we have it all wrong- YES I’m admitting it. Let me tell you my Opinion-
We go to school
We then finish education after 17-20 years of the system before you get a job. (I worked since I was 15)
Work 12 hours a day
Our kids are raised by someone else so we can pay them
Have an hour a week for self care- if that
Go to bed maybe a good solid 4-5 hours (not the recommended 8)
We control the narrative, and in the midst of all that we need to Get married, bare children, and start the process all over x three or more

Well I don’t know about you but I enjoyed the reset! I enjoyed being home with my family and learning about them all over again.
Just think if you were the CEO of the company that didn’t see your spouse or children and the shift granted you access to that daily. How did that work out for you? Good, bad, or indifferent.
Or the stay at home parent that always wanted the opposite and took for granted the ability to stay home with your children- do you see where I’m coming from?
Love thy neighbor- Do onto others as they would do onto you. See where I’m going with this?
I will leave it at that but think about friends lost during this time- Were they truly your friend anyway? I can only hope that we learn from each other and actually take the time to call an old friend, or family member and rekindle the love lost.

May you are you choices be bountiful and May Hod Bless our Hearts 💕

“How many during this time” why is one life more important than the next? The narrative of making a choice to bow down so the other feels equal is a literal sense of what’s going on. The big picture is if we all stood together without harming our Service professionals, therefore making an example of the unfairness it has brought on to many people. Why is it okay for the children in Flint Michigan to die daily because their water system is undrinkable and causing defects. Why doesn’t the media discuss this nor the people across our land?
Donations would benefit all with a little help from us or have the most influential people help support building a better drinking filtration unit for them: using the platform. We are one nation, under GOD.
I only hope we really discuss the overall problems in the world first. We can help people not because of race, creed or color- but by focusing on the young working up. We are being so Egotistical that we are missing the big picture.
I didn’t mean to post this here but I feel everyone is not looking past the narrative and our controlled minds from what society brainwashed us into believing.

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