Follow the money- A must read

I trust my sources completely
Boy the Democrats have done it this time. I can tell you as a retired Chief of Police that putting your knee in someones neck is police procedure. Will it cut off the air way so they can’t breath? NO NO it can’t. Police officers are taught to avoid the carotid artery. If the officer would have hit that artery, Floyd would have blacked out in 3 seconds. That did not happen, he was still acting and saying he can’t breath.

Governor Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo, all planned this faked death. They have all committed felony fraud and crimes against humanity. They were all involved in the democratic counterfeiting laundering operation.

The doctor who signed a death certificate committed forgery of a death certificate because he did not die. He was paid a lot of money to forge that death certificate.


The ambulance attendants were paid to fake everything.

The whole thing was planned together with all of them to create a false flag. George Floyd was paid a lot of money to play the role and play dead and disappear. He was money laundering for other attorneys in the Democratic Party. He was laundering millions of dollars of counterfeit money for these attorneys in the Democratic Party. They were about to be found out and Floyd was a witness to everything and had to disappear. They could kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended). This way he cannot be called as a witness to laundering counterfeit money. He can’t be called if he is legally dead. The Democratic Party is behind this counterfeiting ring and is going to be completely free to do what they want. They know they are not going to win. this ring puts a lot of laundered money in their pockets plus the profits of the floyd fundraiser

This false flag was planned to raise millions and to incite riots. 80% of all rioters/protesters were from out of state and were paid by the Democratic Party to do this. They were also instructed to chant Soros pay us now indicating that Soros forgot to pay them. Soros can’t pay them. He is dead & all his assets, including all his foundations assets were seized

These people were to do this to throw the blame off the Democratic party.

This guy is lying through his teeth

He is promoting going to and sign up to protest.. That does not exist on that site. The Democratic Party is doing their darndest to blame this on soros which is easy for them do do. Look to see Biden advertising here. This was a Democratic sponsored video and they paid this guy to lie through his teeth

They think they got away with this, but they haven’t. There is too much wrong here. I don’t know if those police officers were involved or not but that one police officer DID NOT KILL GEORGE FLOYD BECAUSE HE IS NOT DEAD. It is police procedure to call an ambulance if the arrested person is not responding and appears unconscious. The department officers know he is not guilty and hundreds of officers are protecting him and his house. Watch this video

Governor Walz did not call in the national guard. Why not? Because he and the democratic party wanted riots, destruction of private property and assaults to take place to make Trump look bad and lose the election. Finally Trump over rode Walz and ordered the national guard in. They stopped it right away. They should have been called in two days prior, but Walz and Frey didn’t want that. They wanted as much destruction as possible.

This false flag has caused riots to happen in many Democratic ran States and cities.

Follow the money – George Floyd fundraiser has raised over 8 million dollars so far & it will go much higher plus all the laundered counterfeit money. This false flag has made all the officials multi millions more than they had before and they were all wealthy

These officers are not guilty of anything. Unless the Judge is democrat they all will get off and be reinstated. That of course will be kept very quiet

This is one of the last death throws of the DemRatic Party


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