Soldiers on the ground- SO DISRESPECTFUL

This is a disgrace to society!
First I have to shed some light on the Police being defunded! HAS PEOPLE GONE MAD?
We are all GODs children- we have different roles in this lifetime- why and how can we defend ourselves without the authorities sent by our Father-

I understand everyone is upset- But one mans mistake- let the world suffer? How much power does this have over your morals? That this would even be a discussion?
Everyone look in the mirror, what do you see?
Have you honestly been an angel your whole life? We are being censored and if someone has an opinion we attack- I have seen true colors lately and I am glad I have. It’s about time the sleeping beast comes out of people and stop pretending to be people they portray! Fake- book and other platforms show farse lives or maybe lives that are made up! WHEN WILL YOU LET GO OF YOUR EGOS?
This is just beyond! Soldiers on the streets? Our police on a knee? Then what ?
We will have to put out our own fires?
SPREAD LOVE, spread it through your heart and like your light shine! Think about manifesting abundance of love- It will shine and we will be in a better state of mind-

Everyday at Noon I look up- and hope anyone else that feels and wants love does the same! Let’s use this opportunity to make our lives feel a lot better!

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