Any friend that turns into an enemy was hating since day one.Read that again 🩸

What is a star-gate?_A Star-gate is a doorway of sorts.Stargates are a place where energies,seen or unseen,are broken down and analysed in their purest and most basic form,consisting of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern.Each planet,solar system and Galaxy,as an example,all hold their own resonant energies.A star-gate ensures that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create our physical results. I liken Star-Gates to the locks at the Panama Canal.By checking the level of each incoming ship and correcting for resonate water levels,or energies as it were.It makes it possible for the vessel to pass through from one Atmosphere to the next.Stargates require any vessel or body to be resonate with the energies where it is going,or it literally shall not pass.This is Universal Law.Stargates-a bend in the space-time continuum,stargates hold another important function.They are a short cut,a bend in the space-time continuum.Stargates have specific destinations.Passing through an Earth star-gate will take you to one specific destination,Aldebaran,Alpha Centauri,Sirius–in an instant.It was believed that who controlled the Star-Gates controlled Interplanetary Space-Travel that is a misnomer,because just like Mother Earth,stargates have a resonant sentience of their own.There are slightly over 50 Star-Gates on earth and I touch on around 16 of these.Some of Earth’s Star-Gates are:Lake Titicaca,Gulf of Eden,Detroit,Baghdad Palace,Iraq at Khorsabad,Ziggurat Ur,Ziggurat at Aqar Quf,Sudan,Mt.Shasta Lake Clarence King,Mt.Rainer,Mt.Kailash Lake Mansarvour,Mt.Hermon,Lake Ram,Mt.Fugi,Mt.Everest,Mt.Klyuchevskaya,Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the Kabba II in Mecca Star-Gates.To behold and breath in the pictures of these locations while sensing their Majesty we return to truly inner understanding the beauty of Mother Earth.This is Earthling 101 but we have allowed ourselves to become so programmed in the Matrix we have forgotten the calls of Nature and the interconnectedness of ALL things throughout the cosmos.Entanglement physics studies our connection within the cosmos. #Welcome #On #Mothership #Earth

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