Good vs Evil plus right brain/left brain

I’m going to take the time to explain something since I was asked this and realistically didn’t feel like spending the energy at the time explaining it, so now I’m going to and it ties into the Satanic Death Cult and the Sabbatean-Frankist Empire.

For those unaware of this till, your brain represents the two energies of male and female, Left/Right hemispheres in the brain. That being said, the ‘Left’ is the one of Severity, meaning the Left Brain knows no emotion and only cold facts and logic, and why you will hear Ben Shapiro the Shill, use the expression, ‘Facts don’t care about your feelings’ and that is truth. The reverse is also truth, the Right bring the one of Mercy and is highly emotional. Consider them the connections of the Mind / Soul whilst the ‘Middle Way’ or rather center pillar of the ‘Body’.

As you know I have stated countless times, that all of the problems of this world are due to energy imbalances. The Satanic Death Cult founded by Sabbatai Levi, and this entire purpose behind what he did, was simply look at the Kabbalah and realize the energy imbalance and decided to play the Devil’s Advocate so to speak because most of humanity was entirely Right Brained ‘Right Hand Path’ etc. Meaning they were the ones of Mercy and Severity is designed to balance Mercy and I’m going to explain why and the very reason that Severity exists.

When the AllFather first tried to create Humanity or rather the first attempt to build a balanced species in this part of the galaxy, he actually started on a now forgotten planet that was destroyed a very long time ago. It was called Maldek, and the Earth was once Saturn’s moon and Mars was on the other side of Jupiter. The AllFather rearranged a few things after the Maldek Project failed. Maldek was one a beautiful world like Earth in many regards although a much higher vibration, I believe 5th dimensional or possibly 6th similar to the former Earth before the Fall of Atlantis. Here’s what happened. He created a Perfect World for the inhabitants, and it was serene, calm, peaceful and perfect in every way shape and form, and utter bliss was all the people knew and understood. As a result, the inhabitants grew lazy, decadent, spoiled, and simply started to breed themselves out of existence by reproducing like rabbits because all they had in their lives was shiny happy thoughts and really didn’t have much better to do than mate all day long. When the AllFather realized his mistake, he destroyed Maldek and it’s inhabitants along with it and simply recollected the energy to start over and try again but this time he wouldn’t make that mistake, he would make sure there was pain, suffering, hardship, adversity to throw in the path of the merciful so they would no longer, simply sit around all day and do nothing but eat, shit, and fuck which is basically what a majority of humanity does currently which is why they are literally devolving and I just saw a post that shows that the average IQ in the US has dropped over 15 points in the last few years, and this is due to the mass poisoning and lack of learning by Americans for the exact reasons I listed above. America is literally the Whore of Babylon.

So that being said, if you ask me why rape, murder, etc exists, now you know and why the Satanic Draco or rather all the events on Earth have taken place as they have. People only ever see one side of things because they often lack half the brain function and are therefore primitive and ‘narrow minded’ meaning they are ‘one track minds’ literally and missing the genetics of the other tribes. So when it comes to Severity and Mercy, one is meant to balance the other until they meet and finally create a balanced hybrid and yes, if you have never thought about this, do so. You take a completely harmless right brained female of the Sirian tribes that is raped by some Satanic Left brained Draco, think what happens to their offspring who becomes not one or the other, but both as a result and better balanced than EITHER OF THE TWO THAT CREATED IT because they now possess the genetics of both of the two tribes. When you think about what was done on Earth, it was simply tossing a bunch of different vibrations in a pot, hoping they could become a song that can perform in harmony so to speak and not one race is better than another and each one is simply a component in creating a vessel on par with those of the highest heavens by creating the dual toroidal energy vortex system using both the positive and negative ones from the humans and Draco possessing the Cursed Mark.

So, let’s address something else, negative energy does not mean evil, it simply means negative energy and those who are Draco know it all too well, so that being said, can it be used for good? Yes, and is all too often and people fail to recognize it. When a Draco sees something inferior or less than perfect, they simply want to destroy it and make it perfect, or figure out a way of making it perfect without destroying it, but that generally takes longer and Draco have no patience per se, so it’s usually easier to destroy. Think of all the old archaic out of date technologies we are using and even all our current structures. This world needs to be rebuilt from he ground up, so what comes before rebuilding? DEMOLITION. BLOWING SHIT UP TO REBUILD AND MAKE IT BETTER, IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF WHAT NEGATIVE ENERGY WAS MEANT TO BE USED FOR. It’s also designed to keep Mercy in check and stop it from being selfish by using better Judgement of the Pleaidians or the Logic of the Draco. It can also be used for fun, such as dark comedy or making fun of your friend after they stub their toe which will often lead to a ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ and both of you laughing. Intent determines a great deal and generally I only use negative energy for one of two things, either correcting those who are too merciful or simply using as a weapon against those who are too egocentric and stuck in the middle without seeing the left / right and it’s great against Satanic shills, since they are all lying cowards and when Severity meets itself, the Greater of the Two always wins~

Boaz and Jachin, Severity and Mercy, and only those who follow the ‘Middle Way’ are truly balanced, but they must not forget that to follow the Middle Way, you must look both ways before you cross the street ~

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