The Highs Boston (God Particle)

COINCIDENCE or NOT?? You decide…

The Higgs Boson(God Particle) is discovered July 4 2012…. You read that right….

This can EASILY explain the “Mandela effect” & events being changed & remembered differently in our timeline.

Did you also know that Niels Bohr was involved in the establishment of CERN?

I dont think its a ‘calendar’ as we’ve come to think… Have they created a simulation within a simulation using a super computer connecting them to the multiverse/quantum realm….???

Order of the Black Wheel Matrix

Published by Maria Chicago Native

Maria Zen Creations is the beginning of my journey with Love & Light coming together. So how does "light" and "love" come together in this world? Well, Love is the glue that binds existence together for us spiritually and mentally. Without love, what would be the point for us? I believe we all come together in a spiritual circle --Namaste---meaning "I bow to you"---it is beautiful. In Conclusion, I want to pass along my love energy, and I am also giving you some of my love light. ---Maria Zucchero

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