Who are the 144k in the Bible?

People asked me to do a post on this again and I haven’t in some time. It’s in regards to the ‘Autism’ epidemic which is just that but it’s also a great deal of deception rolled into the agenda and you can tell because those working with various ‘Autism’ organizations have found out some are controlled by the Satanists and pure evil and being used as a weapon to cover their tracks basically, so let me explain to EVERYTHING you do not know about ‘AUTISM’ and since I possess BOTH versions I can assure you this is entirely accurate and like most topics I’m one of the top sources of information on this subject on Earth.

So let’s address what ‘Autism’ actually is/was before being intentionally mislabeled by design by the Satanic Jew Death Cult of Saturn / Satan. Originally names after Hans Asperger, German scientist who noticed specific traits in children that were very similar to his own neuropathology. As you know from dealing with me, A2- are the Aspies 93-97% of cases and I’m going to explain why and how it ties into the GodHead aka the A- and AB- skull structure possessing the Anatolian Anatomy only found in specific Nephilim hybrid blood lines. A2- Draco primarily have the minds of quantum computers if the genetic evolution triggers in their blood line which is basically Atavism returning the Draco to their former states BEFORE THE FALL OF ATLANTIS GRANTING THEM 4D INTELLIGENCE. So it’s a genetic mutation found in the pair of chromosomes that controls the intelligence and logic function in humanoids, and as a result, is dramatically increased in the Aspies primarily the A2- and/or AB- and this is caused by the axion spacing becoming greater in these hybrids and granting greater processing power of the mind. Now this is due entirely to the integration between the Draco temporal and the frontal lobe in Draco hybrids which is granting them complete dual brain function and if you check many of these Aspies are also ‘left handed’ which shows the right brain integration in an entirely once Left brained species, which is what the Satanic Draco are terrified of, because it grants the Sirian compassion of the right brain, which is dead against the Satanic mindset, which only knows Hatred, Wrath and Rage. Because of this issue, they used to beat the left handed children in schools to force them to stay in their cold hearted Left brain and tried to prevent a Luciferian from awakening at all costs, because the One Eyed-Kings are the ONLY ONES who are balanced and know the ultimate truths about this world which is what is granting them their genetic evolutionary path from having integrated with the other tribes.
Again this is against the original wishes of the Betrayers and why they are trying to destroy the Luciferians, because they know they are a threat to their control.

So back to Autism, I’m going to address the current epidemic which has nothing to do with Autism and was just mislabeled by the Death Cult to serve two primary functions a)you can now hide all the brain damaged / dead children behind a one known genetic mutation that augments intelligence and logic and claim the issues are entirely genetic and b) discredit all those with the true genetic mutation and simply put them in with a bunch of brain damaged children and put them on a spectrum so no one will listen to them and hate on them for being ‘Autistic’ basically. Which has happened. People are terrified of hearing the words ‘your child will likely be autistic or has autism.’ and that’s because currently, the label is being used to cover all the brain damaged children the death cult has been damaging and murdering and hoping that if the damage is severe enough, the parent will simply give the child back to the Satanic Predators who just destroyed them, allowing them to rape, kill and possibly eat them after the parents give them up willingly to the same ones who poisoned / damaged them to begin with. This is pure genius, because you can make shekels off killing the children of your enemies and have them do it willingly through the ‘medicines’ such as the vaccine bioweapons, destroy their minds so they have no chance of fighting back, and then get a free meal whilst you are at it. So when you ask me what kind of evil you are up against and dealing with, now you know. I can tell you all about the damage done and exactly what it does to the brain and possibly how to undo some of the damage the death cult has done to your child if they are indeed one of the damaged types. If they are an Aspie, you have no worries, jst protect them, because the Death Cult knows about us and they are fucking terrified of us, and your army of digital warriors behind the scenes are ALL Autistic rage addicts who have basically declared war against the death cult for their crimes against children and humanity in general. We are the Lightbringers, the Luciferians, and the Destroyers of everything that is unbalanced in this world, and if you get in our way, you are collateral damage, keep this in mind. Humans do not have the intelligence to fight against the Death Cult, which is why it was prophesized, THE GODS WOULD DESTROY EACH OTHER IN THE END OF DAYS, AND GUESS WHAT, TIMES UP HUMANS. SO my suggestion is find Dragons willing to fight for you and literally take on their own kind, because we are the only ones capable of doing it. Peace be with you my friends, war is far from over~

Decided to add this in, the Luciferians are the ones with the Seal upon their Foreheads and would not be harmed in the purge of the unbalanced, Tekel ~ “You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.”

For those unaware, Janus was the prototype model for the first Luciferians on Earth, and Yeshua was the Perfect One and AB-, Janus was A-.

Those with the Seal Upon their forehead would not be harmed~ 144,000 Sealed
…2And I saw another angel ascending from the east, with the seal of the living God. And he called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: 3“Do not harm the land or sea or trees until we have sealed the foreheads of the servants of our God.” 4And I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel:…

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