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– that we will be doing in sync with Cobra – towards the end of this 144K Meditation –

Any astrologer who’s ‘worth their salt’ …  is under absolutely no illusions that when the two most masculine … ass-kicking planets in the whole solar system – Pluto & Jupiter – conjunct together at the same time … 

… you better believe all 144K Members better damn-well be there, because the dark ones will certainly be there … and they will attempt to turn this golden opportunity into something volatile … that destroys everything (lower octave of Pluto) and thus greatly delays The Event, rather than peacefully de-constructing & re-constructing something new (higher octave of Pluto).

It really is up to us Light-Troopers, on which path & octave humanity goes onto … on D-DAY … tomorrow’s moment of the Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction.

And don’t kid-yourself about one thing …

Come-tomorrow … the dark ones (with their rituals & false flag attempts to push things to the lowest possible octave) 


Where does that leave us??  Where does that leave YOU?

It leaves us with … THE CHOICE!      …and it’s as simple as that.

The choice to show up – and be where all the action will be – or miss out on our finest hour – and increase the risk of the lower octave possibility!

Exposure, indictments & arrests can RAMP-UP … if we PARTICIPATE and push to hit critical mass.

THANK YOU … to all of you who did donate – and thus helped PUSH to help explode the numbers so we can ALWAYS reach critical-mass.

You are heroes!

I’m asking for donations … because despite trying hard with ‘free’ methods to go viral over many years – nothing has compared – or even come close to – boosting numbers than increasing the Mass Meditation promotional ad budget on FB.

See for yourself …   

Even if it’s only $10 … donations for BOOSTING the numbers to reach critical mass more RELIABLY … and I’ll be sending out a very special gift to all donors and Patreon supporters later this week.

… till the very last moment on Monday night … we PUSH to reach critical mass …and … we PREPARE … because, as always … the 144K will be on the scene EARLY … clearing the way!

Times & Links for the June 30

Age Of Aquarius – Part II,  

Mass Meditation

 Join Time: 12:30am EDT (US) June 30 – (Mon night June 29th for MDT, CDT, PDT)

Start Time: 12:45am EDT

Jupiter / Pluto Conjunction maximum: 1:48am EDT      

Your Time Zone:

Live Guided Broadcast: at the 144K Member’s Area(click on Ground Crew Command Radio at the top)

​Back-Up link on Blogtalk Radio: Right Here

Or if you prefer, dial in # is: 1-310-807-5232


So help Starseeds stand in solidarity… for truth, justice, and LIBERTY!

Yours in Service …

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