The Knights Templar I

The Knights Templar I

The Holy Grail

The truth of the Holy Grail was found by the Templars, but it would be more accurate to say what they were meant to become its guardians. The legends seem to indicate that they were digging in the Temple of Solomon, and they came upon a treasure of great value. What actually occurred was those of the Essene order that were ready to receive the truth were shown the truth by extraterrestrial beings, and they were shown how the extraterrestrials had always been there and had been responsible for the creation of humanity and were still infiltrating humanity and guiding it not towards the Light, but into the darkness, holding it there and keeping the consciousness at a very low level.

The crucible of God, known as the Holy Grail was seen and understood as not being a physical object, but rather that each and every human being IS the Holy Grail. Each and every human being has the potential of transmuting the darkness, the poisoned waters of deception and untruth, into Light, into Love, and into the Higher Qualities. Thus, as one attains the Light of Spirit, as one becomes the true Holy Grail expressed in the individual who is ascending or has ascended, they are the Treasure of God, the Cauldron of God. The Templars were shown this, and they were told to protect this truth. There was a role for them to play, and they were told that the bloodline of the Christed One was still on the planet, and they were to protect this bloodline or this stream of consciousness that rose in the bloodline and was accessible. This became their divine mission, and they saw themselves as the true protectors of the legacy of Jesus the Christed One and his prodigies, his children, his ancestors, those who follow their Lord, if you will. For the Knights Templar this holy duty went beyond everything else. They needed to pledge themselves to this, and only those of the highest level and the most intense nature were able to step into these ranks. And thus, a type of secret society was formed where the top knew the truth but many of those below were not totally aware of the truth and only had one part of it.

This was done because if too many knew the truth it would be easy for them to be compromised, and what they had been sworn to protect would fall to the darkness. A form of hierarchy of governance was created that was later duplicated among each group as the Freemasons, but as the Freemasons became corrupted, this form of hierarchical order was actually turned into that which served the darkness rather than protect against the darkness. Thus, it was that the battle between good and evil, dark and light came to be played out. It was a play of dualism between the light and the dark part of the experiment, of the physical experience that the Godhead wished to have, and to know. It had relevancy from that angle and still does, but the deepest most profound truth that the Templars had been that at some point the good and the bad, the light and the dark had to merge together in the Crucible of God, in the Holy Grail. What was contained within the Grail was then the Unity of the Divine, as each individual is the Holy Grail. This blending of the light and dark that exists simultaneously within each and every being is that which now must be accomplished. The Light is to be transmuted and made into the Unity of the Divine Essence, and this too is part of the Ascension process. The Templars were given a great responsibility that they took seriously, even to the point of their own deaths when Philip of France routed them, captured them and killed them. Those remaining went underground, as this Awareness has already spoken of.

The Knights Templar and the Treasure at Rosslyn
The treasure that lies at Rosslyn is not physical in nature and it is this presumption by so many throughout history that has fooled and misled them. The treasure that is being spoken of is actually knowledge that is being presented in the symbols and messages on the walls of the castle-like cathedral, for it is more like a fortress than a church. But this knowledge, if taken in and truly understood, would open up the individual and awaken them to the higher truths that the individual known as Jesus the Christ was sharing. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and others of the sect of the Essenes have long been involved in bringing these spiritual truths into human consciousness and awareness, and it is this that is the truest treasure that is to be found in the Rosslyn church.

There have been in historical times certain treasures that were stored there temporarily, but they were not the real treasure that the Templars were guarding, they were simply artifacts and objects of value, but they are not seen to be there any longer. It is seen also there are secret chambers underneath and this has long been known. They have long been searched for, but these chambers that lie under the church itself are like the chambers under the sphinx. There are physical chambers, but the gateways to the deeper chambers where the treasures are held; both the spiritual treasures and the knowledge, as well as some physical treasure are not on this material plane. There are certain gateways, vortexes that are under the church that are not apparent. To look at them one would perhaps see a solid stone wall, and could even touch a solid stone wall, and would never be able to pass through the wall to the true chambers that are there.

This is where some physical treasures are stored as well as the spiritual truths and knowledge that the Essenes had, and the Templars later became guardians of. While they are in an altered state and a different vibrational frequency, they are not in the physical. That is why the treasures are not physically in the space under the castle. They are in chambers elsewhere that only can be reached by the adepts; those who have the knowledge of how to open the gateways and those who would be allowed to pass through, for there are indeed dimensional guardians there that would prevent just anyone from passing through to take the treasure. That is why so many who have tried have had negative experiences and some even have died in their attempts to enter into such chambers as the ones under Giza and the Sphinx indicated here, as well as other chambers hidden in different places around the world.
~Cosmic Awareness

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