5D ascension- Give up your ego

hi guys, i have been pondering for days on just HOW TO EXPLAIN WTF IS ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED TO THE WHOLE WORLD. i do care for each and every one of your Souls, but i also do KNOW THAT THE INFO THAT IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED WILL HAVE A PROFOUND AFFECT ALL OF HUMANITY IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. As for Ghislaine Maxwell, BEING ARRESTED, this is only the beginning, non believers prepare to see the unbelievable and what’s been really going on!

let me explain what i mean:::: what do you think all the religious folk will DO once they find out that the Pope/vatican is the biggest child slave encampment area in the world..? and then they find out not only did they enslave the children, they also molested them, raped them, drank their blood and then ate the children…? many will not believe these facts at 1st, but once this info sets in, that is when we can expect many many many suicides of these god fearing folk taking their own lives… others will riot, saying it is bullshit, this will cause much CHAOS all around the world…

next, all the kilary/obummer supporters, what will they think/do once they find out that she wanted to kill us all off with Islam being recognized as the worlds one and ONLY religion if she was elected in 2016…? i know for one that i would be totally pissed off and freaked out…. and then they find out that she also ate children and drank their blood (ADRENOCHROME)…. there is a video out of her where she cuts the face off of a child and then extracts the adrenochrome… AND THEN THEY FIND OUT THAT OBUMMER IS GAY, HIS WIFE A TRANNY, their children are adopted and that they all ate children together in a group….

then they find out the the kardashians all so eat kids, kim served her family her placenta….. and then they find out hanks, beyonce, hellen, oprah, ALL celebs, also eat kids and drink their blood… (if this does not make them hopping mad then they are not from here)

then we have all the sports celebs, the basketball players, soccer guys, cricket and baseball guys, they are ALL involved in this satanic pedophillic cult…….?

guys, i can go on and on explaining WHO is involved, basically, if they have fame then they have paid for it by joining the Satanic Club of the elite….

fauchi and gates wanted to chip each and every one of us, some sheeple don’t care, because they don’t understand why, but, those who want their FREEDOM back have been fighting to expose these facts, luckily we have Potus who is in charge of the whole planet at this time and he has put a stop to EVERYTHING that is a crime against humanity, believe it or not ❤

so guys, as you can see, once the info, like this post starts getting out there, i can guarantee that their will be much chaos among the “GOD FEARING” flock and the sheeple…it will not be nice…

as for god fearing….. who the fuck bows down to a god that you fear….?

i say again, expect all the people who’s ego’s have been dented, broken, to commit suicide, we can expect millions of suicides worldwide….. not to forget the chaos it will cause in each and every household…..

yes, it is ASCENSION time whether you are ready or not, those on my page will know that i am pushing for everyone to understand that Ascension is the only reason that we are here in THIS our last human life, it is a CHOICE and ONLY yOu can make that choice for you and you alone.

i promise you,

you nor i can not stop or change the ‘collective’ direction of where this is going….

all we can do is change OUR oWn individual direction. ❤

nano bot vaccines, trans-humanism, 5G robotic technology, artificial intelligence and dictatorial governance will be a factual reality for any & everyone who find themselves within the matrix one world government system.

yOu can not stop it…..

however, yOu can walk away from it.

This is what we hypothesis as the long awaited return of the Sun/Son, or Christ, the Galactic Alignment, the Return of Nibiru, or Planet X or Consciousness, the Great Solar Event..

guys, just a tip if you are all taking your awakening seriously…

i don’t care where the info comes from, Q anon, this kings page, where ever, unless mr T tells us these guys are ded or in Gitmo, then i am no longer interested… i know deep down in my heart that all “this” shit is busy happening for a reason, and that sooner than we think, we will have all the facts, proof that we will need to fully understand this fake life that we have been living….

live your life as if we have already won this game (it is) 🙂

know that all will be well after the chaos, remember, if you are not a part of the chaos then it can’t hurt you ❤

even my spirit guides are throwing feathers at me, i am finding them everywhere, it looks like i am in a pillow fight, lmfao

(spirit guides, yes, chat about them in the future)

here is where i am on my Enlightenment Quest, yes i say Quest because only the truly Enlightened are continuing on their path to Ascension… this path is NOT an easy path to follow because of the lies we have been told (conditioning/brainwashing) and the fact that we all have ego….

ha ha, you may think that ego has nothing to do with it, but actually, ego has everything to do with it…..

in order for you to travel the Ascension path you will have to learn to LOSE ego, and believe me, this will be a very difficult and painful challenge to fulfill for each and every one of you….

ego was taught to us, there was no ego b4 this experiment took place…..

what is ego….

there can be no…. i want, i need or i desire

to accomplish the above will be difficult, but because we are out of time, many of you still have to play “catch up” big time because you have been too busy making money for the elite to have even bothered to make any kind of adjustments to your lives….

you will also have to learn to let go of all material stuff, no new nails, new car, new house, new stuff…

ha ha, we have been soooo spoilt that we complain about everything that we don’t have….

spiritual abundance and material abundance are 2 totally different opposites, the yin and yang

guys, in short, less is more in spirituality ❤

the less you need to survive on, the better yOu LIVE your life, i basically have nothing but a place to sleep, eat and work from, one meal per day, i’m 60, never had a bank acc….. (think about that, i worked to put food in my mouth on a daily basis, if i didn’t have money, i had no food etc )

it hasn’t been easy, a real hard life, but, ha ha, but now i am reaping the rewards, i don’t need much to survive, actually, to Ascend you will have to learn to eat nothing…..  and that’s where i am aiming at now ❤

ha ha, yes, we are actually able to suck the vitamins, and chemicals right out of the air to survive on a daily basis….

anyway, now we are off the subject….

so guys, you have a CHOICE, the easy way or the harder way which will be well worth it in the long run if you are serious about Ascension, your choice, material abundance or spiritual abundance…. it is your choice ❤

i say again, there is NO god, religion is a lie, money is fake… many of you will have issues with these facts but… that is what waking up is about, questioning everything, researching everything and eventually understanding, you will see through all their lies ❤

fyi, Potus is in control of the entire planet, all presidents have singed the GESARA ACT, everyone will follow orders once the time comes, so do not take anything personally, do not give your enerGy to the paid trolls or nebies/sheeple, everyone must awaken in their own time, not everyone is transforming to 5d, understand this most important fact ❤

wow, i didn’t know that i had so many words in me….

i do hope that this post resonates with you and will lift your spirits 🙂

if you have any questions then please feel free to ask ON MY PAGE please as i do not have time to run around and find comments, i do life ❤

be good, have fun, believe NOTHING, be aware, be safe, be love ❤

love you all ❤

here is the link to this post, please share ❤

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