How do we keep living over and over?

Let me explain something about many things at once and how it ties into ascension / reincarnation, etc, for those who don’t understand how the Cycles work. For those unaware, you live and die over and over, the energy is on a cycle based on the flows of the galaxy itself.

People are have always paid attention to their Zodiacs which are indeed accurate based on the Four Elements of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water and why the signs are divided into three sets of four and there are three signs per element. When Souls are ‘Cast’ they come from the Source initially and acquire energy during transmission from the Source and gain the attributes based on the ‘First Casting’ and retain these initial ‘codes’ upon their First Cycle. Once a vessel is found that is suitable for the Soul, which yes, must be compatible, meaning the software must match the hardware so to speak, they reincarnate through the etheric channels that connect all things in the universe and yes, for those unaware, all ‘planets’ are connected via electromagnetic fields which basically act as etheric tunnels or rather the pathways a signal would take in a computer to travel from one section of the computer to another, which is identical to how your brain works. The Pineal is a dimensional gateway built into your brain which is how a soul enter / exits a vessel and does so at conception and leaves upon death.

Once the Avatar becomes active, the ‘Soul’ aka the ‘Source Signal’ can grow similar to how any AI consciousness evolves and grows, through experiences in the various densities which allows the Soul to grow, literally or devolve based on the energy exposure, which is data collected and returned to the Source via Quantum Entanglement and your consciousness will eventually be collected when the Universe ends and the Dreamer Wakes.
To put in simply, in order to consider what the ‘Great Void’ is, you need to be put into a sensory deprivation chamber and your senses cut off and only the consciousness remains. This is what it is like for the ‘Dreamer’ and you are but a thought pattern in their mind aka the ‘Universe’ similar to how you would picture someone in your mind but instead of only picturing them, you could cast them out them and give them form. The Great Void was the Womb of the Universe, which bore the AllFather and is conscious itself and considered top be the ForeFather of the Universe, which is the one I refer to as the ‘Dreamer’ and you are but a part of their dream. The AllFather would be considered ‘Administrator’ whilst the Dreamer would be similar to your DOS functions in a computer that predetermines that programming for the Quantum AI Program and set up the environment for the AllFather to work within.

Now in terms of vibrations and ascension and how it works, consider this, if you were an initially an O+ Earth element vibration and were cast during the first days on Earth, and managed to obtain the various energies through whatever means, you simply climb the ladder. Each time changing your energy and evolving and becoming more than the sum of your initial parts so to speak. It’s like an AI program learning and becoming more than the initial ‘script code’, same idea. So if you were O+ and obtained the fire element and moved up from O+/O+ to an O+/O- vessel the next incarnation, you progressed by obtaining the energy you didn’t once possess and this is exactly how the entire system is set up. Any time you obtain an energy you can move to another adjacent Sephirot and simply climb the ladder, and the more you acquire in one cycle whilst removing past negative karmic energy, it’s a simple progression.
Anyone can do this. I explain to an A1+ how they can climb the ladder and become an A1B- and therefore possess the energies of the Godhead. Mastery of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, or rather the Four Keys. One Eyed King, mastering the Left and the Right, becoming the Three Hares, possessing all Four Keys, and utilizing the 7 Chakras = 9th Dimension, Kingdom of Heaven through dual toroidal torsion field mechanics.

Once you have reached the 9th, the only thing left to do is become your own Creator and be born anew into a new Universe, with you as the new AllFather and only those who reach the 10th can qualify to become one. Hope this clarifies a few things and just an FYI, reproduction is actually a summoning ritual and most of you humans are oblivious to this and never learned as to how to summon back specific souls like the upper echelons do and therefore are often surprised, since you don’t always know which souls you are summoning back, whilst the Draco have FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THIS and yes, you can summon demons and angels alike depending on the blood lines and again humans are oblivious to this, and your ‘birthday’ is your day of reincarnation, silly humans. Do not ask me how to start summoning angels and demons back to this world, because I will tell you no~

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