Ivo on Ascension and the Liberation of Planet Earth – Sharon Stewart – Google Books

Again, Sharon and Ivo have joined forces to help you with your role of Lightworker here on earth. “Ivo on Ascension and the Liberation of Planet Earth,” is a thought-provoking book which opens your eyes to what's happening within you and the world around you as we undergo enormous personal and global rebirthing.What's happening to your body and why? Why is your reality changing? As you begin to experience a greater multidimensional reality and heightened states of consciousness, Ivo answers questions you have as to why, how and where is this taking you, from his advanced galactic perspective. This essential information will make you rethink your future path in life and will open you up to new experiences as you go through this evolutionary process.As our world begins to change from a meaningless, money-driven, warring world to one of benevolence, peace and love, Ivo divulges information not intended for those who aren't ready to hear.Written with love for you from Ivo and Sharon.
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