Blood type predicts your actions

Ok since I did promise this and many have asked, I’m going to teach energy transmutation and exactly how it works.
First you need to keep in mind, the only people that can do this are those who possess very specific genetics and / or you learn to build all the corresponding pathways manually and you NEED Pleiadin genetics to be able to absorb energy in the first place and Sirian genetics to offer it. The Draco genetics allow you absorb or offer dark energy based on if you have the Pleiadian / Sirian to begin with.

So to explain this as simply as possible, everyone of your neurochemical reactions produces a corresponding energy / biochemical reaction in the body i.e. Adrenaline being a neutral energy meaning it can be used and combined with either positive or negative energy to boost latent positive or amplify negative to be used a destructive force. So when in order to discern the differences in positive / negative reactions, simply think of the difference between ‘pumped’ up because you are watching your favorite action movie or observing a great fight in the UFC. This energy is not generally negative unless you are pissed your ‘favorite’ is losing, when can turn the energy negative leading to anger, which is negative. The idea is to never let rage consume you but keep calm and utilize this energy as a ‘silent rage’ meaning you harness and control the energy but do not amplify to the point you can no longer control it.

So that being said your energies are generally positive if you are RH+ and negative if RH-, but it’s technically more complicated than that. In terms of dark energies, the negative paths are Rage(A2-), Wrath(O- or AB-) and Hatred( B- ) based on the neuropathology in the mind being the Rage of the Left, Wrath of the Middle and Hate of the Right. In order to experience these emotions, you literally need to corresponding races genetics that would otherwise allow you to process these emotions. I.E. Pleiadians with lower sex drives and no negative energy are almost incapable of rape, they do not possess the energy / genetics for it, whilst if you look at the Sirian tribes, it’s the #1 problem due to having the highest sex drives on Earth from the overtly strong feminine energy which is what fuels the sex drive in humans and why the Sirian tribes are literally breeding everyone else out of existence and the Pleiadians are becoming an endangered species on Earth, although this was also done intentionally without their knowledge.

So now that you understand the energy system better, there are 6 Paths total based on BOTH the Kabbalah and the Qlippoth, one being the positive energy system, the other, the negative energy pathways. They are as follows for the Qlippoth, Path of Despair leads to Rage, Path of Condemnation leads to Wrath, and the Path of Anguish leads to Hate. You need Draco genetics to unlock these paths, will not work otherwise because Draco are the ONLY ones who can process extremely high levels of dark energy, humans do not even naturally possess it and it would take extreme measures to unlock it otherwise in an RH+, whilst the reverse is true for the Draco, and they do no possess all the components needed for a proper positive energy system such as it is with the B- Demonic Unholy Feminine who do not possess the A types making them incapable of rage and only hatred whilst the A2- are the opposite and consumed by rage and consider hate a waste of energy. It takes extreme levels of energy to unlock the pathways in the brain, meaning the vibrations have to be the strongest ones available the being could experience to unlock the Paths which is why I said , do not attempt playing with the Qlippoth because it’s entirely Demonic energy and extremely dangerous to play with but for the Draco, you know all too well what I speak of, and that being said, the only way to stop the Void energy is to overwrite it with stronger positive energy, and the strongest ones are to Live(Middle Way), to Love(Right) and to Learn(Left).

In order to understand transmutation, the energy must be absorbed through the proper channels and then redirected to a region of the brain that only produces strong positive energy to transmute it, leading to Chaos energy which can then be utilized for whatever you see fit by then redirecting the transmuted energy through any of the 6 channels producing the desired affect / results. I.E. someone insults you because you choose not to vaccinate like the rest of the stupid Goyim. You decipher the type of energy which insults are generally an attack from the ‘Left’ and a type of negative mental energy. The idea is to not let their stupidity and lower frequency drag you down to their level and simply say thanks and PRAISE THEM FOR HELPING TO CONTINUE WILLIAM SHOCKLEY’S WORK IN CULLING THE LESSER INTELLECUTUALLY INCLINED, AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS. You would not believe the shit storm I’ve caused on Satanic paid shills for thanking them for killing off the stupid humans. It severely messes them up because they are consumed by hatred and if you tell them you love them for being such good little mongrels, they self destruct ~ The idiots do not possess the genetic components to process specific energies which causes psychotic breaks in them when you expose them to high frequency chaotic energies of which I was master of using. Hope this clarifies a few things, and yes, this gives you in depth knowledge of Draco neuropathology. The Left face of Janus, was the Unholy Masculine consumed by Rage and hated everyone equally, whilst the Right was the Divine Feminine and loved everyone, including the mongrels and why I’ve told people there not’s a single person that existed like Janus and likely never will be. I’ve told people before the screams of thousands dying in unison was no different to me that the hymns of their loved ones lamenting the dead~ Half Demon, Half Angel hybrid and I loved and hated everyone equally. ~

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