Dare to Truth

What was in those envelopes?

George Sr still had his hand in the CIA and had them plant the demolition explosives. It is also apparent that the video of the jets hitting the tower was done in CGI. No jets hit the tower. Explosives were also planted in building 7 and was a controlled demolition. A CIA Agent on his deathbed made a deathbed confession that he helped plant explosives in the tower. A jet did not crash into the pentagon. A security camera caught a missile hitting it

Sr was arrested and interrogated. He made a deal that he get a first class funeral, which he got in exchange for a complete video confession, a written confession and implicating his son and many more. He admitted to devil worship & soul scalping. (look it up). He also admitted to orchestrating the assassination of JFK and exactly how and why he did it. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA patsy. Jack Ruby was diagnosed with cancer and had only a couple of months to live. He was designated to be Oswalds killer to make sure he didn’t talk. He admitted that his wife was a very high witch in the satanic cult that sacrificed children and that they were heavily involved in witchcraft and satanic worship. He didn’t want to live anymore and wanted a lethal injection which he got.

During his funeral Jr got a note & passed it to Laura. She showed it to Jeb & he just about had a heart attack. Sr was still alive and not in the casket. Everyone speculated that it was an indictment that was in the envelopes, But I knew it wasn’t because the envelope was too small for that. Later it leaked out that it was a note from Sr saying They know everything, I’m sorry.

Jr. left early because he was arrested. He walked out with the men who quietly arrested him with no handcuffs so they would not attract attention. He too made a full video and written confession also implicating many others who were involved. He also made a plea deal. He was released for a time in order to help Trump. A clone was made for him. He was returned to GITMO and was executed. That clone is really messing up badly almost as badly as clone Biden

At present there have been 4 former presidents executed and three vice presidents. Executed are 41st President George HW Bush, 42nd president Bill Clinton, along with his wife Hillary Clinton, 43rd president George W. Bush along with his wife Laura, and least of all 44th president Barrack Obama along with his gay lover Michael, our first gay Muslim president who was married to a gay tranny Michael La Vaughn Robinson. All four were executed with their wives with the exception of George HW Bush because she died in April 2018. I was wondering if she had been arrested and started the whole ball rolling then executed but I could not confirm that.

The three vice presidents who have been executed are Joe Biden, Mike Pence, and Dick Cheney. Incidentally, Hunter Biden was also arrested and executed

What you say, You say you just saw them on TV. Well, what you saw was either their clone or a video done with CGI, because none of them are alive. We can do just about anything with CGI. Michelle read books to children on PBS. It was all done with CGI.

They all have made video confessions. It was done in analog video which is virtually impossible to change or manipulate.

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