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Passing Twin solar system

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Did you know earth has a twin binary solar system that consists of 7 planets, their moons and another sun? One of those planets is Nibiru… Every 3600 or so years earth passes thru this twin system and that is currently happening now.. Sightings of these other planets began 10 years ago by a man named Samuel Hofman. Back in the late 70’s Samuel was abducted by a Pleadian and he was given VERY specific information about this approaching Nibiru system… It is his information, teachings and drawings that I share on this page… The government found out about Samuels abduction and forced him to sign a 30 year non-discloser agreement that ended in 2010. Samuel currently receives visions of the upcoming planetary alignments and creates drawings of what we can expect to see…his accuracy is undeniable. I’ve been studying his work for 4 years now and I somehow can see what he draws and I’m here to say this is really happening… The world governments have labeled recent earth changes as “Climate Change” and “Geoengineering” but those are distractions & coverups so people won’t realize we have another planetary system passing above our heads. It’s not known how long they’ll stay close by or the extent of the damages they will cause but this system is the reason for all the strange looking skies which are actually the atmospheres of these passing planets,,,THEIR atmospheres / clouds..(space clouds 😉) They are the reason for much of the massive storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, fires from lighting, ect.. This information is exclusive to Samuel Hofman so I urge you to spend some time listening to his video’s on YouTube so you’ll better understand what I share.. Plz be patient It takes time to understand what to look for and where but once you start to see them you’ll NEVER un-see again..😉🤓

👇Samuel Hofman YouTube channel 👇

👇Nibiru Followers Anonymous YouTube👇

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