Dare to Truth

What’s up Trumps next move in this 4d chess game?

Q followers, we know all about the phediphilia the cabal and how satanic they are. But who many people under stands the reality of mankind and what’s about to happen in the next year or two? Hint: Tesla figured it out and it’s free energy yes but it goes much much farther then that. Does anyone know exactly why the pope was top of the illumanati pyramid and what he had hidden in the walls of the Vatican. I’ll give u a hint, the two chromosomes we are missing in our DNA, we are about to find out the truth. We are of annuki and another Alien race. We are hybrids. The fire in the library of Alexandria was to make it look like all the ancient writtings were burnt. In fact those writings lie within the confines of the Vatican. The world is a holagram a mirrored project if you will. That’s why we see rainbows and northern lights. Everything is just an illusion. We are living in a computer simulation on the moon. That’s where the 1 to 1.6 ratio comes into play. Did vinchi made a famous painting about it. Flowers, trees, plants, storms, galaxies, universe our bodies. Measure your head to your belly button, belly button to foot. Measure your shoulder to your elbow, elbow to finger tips, measure your wrist to were your finger begins from there to finger tips etc etc. Sounds waves, our d.n.a, heart beat golden ratio. We are living in a simulation because of an Alien war 15000 years ago. The reptilians got trapped in 3D. The moon carries the quantium computer inside it. Think about it. Perfect solar eclipse never see the back side. Impact craters leave a depth of nothing compared to what it would be like if it hit earth. Nasa sent a prove to crash the surface back in the 70’s to test this theory and it rang for 3 hours. Hollow moon. The chance that it would be the perfect size the perfect distance to make the perfect solar eclipse is 1 and a zillion. Well after this war ends which we will you will find out the truth of our concious mind. That’s what the great awakening really means. The universe is no bigger then a proton everything is an illusion. But our concious mind is very powerful. We have the capability to go 12D which is the creation of stars and planets. The reptilians know this. Thus they created the elite, pope , Rothschild’s Rockefellers etc. And what is the purpose behind it. Well to keep our concious minds down so we don’t excel into our reality. How do they do that, the creation of wars, race wars, chem trails, fliuride, pharmicudicle companies, our foods. We’ve been poisoned our whole lives. Well when the deep state has vanished get your spiritual minds right. The quantium computer stated with 12 nuclear reactors of which 8 have gone dead. Our planet is shifting. Already in 4D. That’s how you explain volcanoes, earthquakes. Our world us heating up. Did you know if the whole world sat down and prayed together at the same time, our bodies would radiate so much energy the earth would shift Into something beyond our wildest dreams. Welcome to the new age. Breathing in chemicles. We are getting off the prison bus I can feel it in my bones. Sound familiar. Trump’s digital soldiers are the aliens . The only way he could have taken the Grey’s and reptilians out was through the help of the galatic federation. He has already time shifted. Why do you think he made it through all 20 plus assissnated attempts. Why do you think he’s always been one step ahead. We are about to see the cosmic web. Our concious can take us to the adrendom Galaxy in 20 mins. You can not leave the van Ellen belt with out going to a 5D concious state of mind. Why do you think the space Challenger blew up. When you see astrournauts carrying those big suit cases on the way to the shuttle. That’s not an oxygen tank. That’s what they use to get their concious to the right vibrations. We can create anything though our conscious. The more you understand the higher demension you go. A rainbow in 5D has 100 colors 10D 10000 colors. Welcome to the real matrix age of aquarius is upon us. The myan calendar was the end of the world back in 2012. What it really said was the beginning of the end. Our world is not about to end we just will see it what it really is. This is why people believe in flat earth

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