To homeschool?


 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children — ChildrensMD.

A lot of people wonder why my family is a homeschooling family. I am a Berkeley educated CPA who walked away from my consulting practice to be a SAHM that homeschools her child. I love this article written by a pediatrician in St. Louis that articulates many of the reasons why we homeschool.
We love the relaxed pace of life. The time together every evening enjoying each other’s company is awesome instead of rushing around trying to get ready for the next day or fighting to get the homework done when it is the worse part of the day for a cranky, tired child. That is only followed up with rushing around in the morning trying to get everyone dressed and out the door on time. Somehow, we have come to a place in our society where we have accepted that normal life is supposed to be scheduled and rushed. Does life really have to be that way? I love that my child is growing up to have a childhood that is relaxed with plenty of time and space for creative play and for his imagination to soar. I love that learning is woven in through our family life, and that I have time to linger over lunch yesterday with my 4.5 yo kid who wanted to talk about animals, and which ones were diurnal and nocturnal.
I never grew up thinking that this is what we would be doing, but this is the best version of family life that I could have imagined for our family. Chances are that you know someone that homeschools. There are over 2 million kids that are being homeschooled. Honestly, that means there are over 2 million different ways that we are going about doing it. How about that for an individualized educational plan?
We don’t do it because it is an easy road to take. We do it because it really is the choice that makes the most sense for our family.


(A non-granola, non-hippie, non-baking my own bread, non-sewing my own clothes, non-attachment parent, non-media banning parent, non-survivialist, non-religious right, non-living on the land, non-sheltering my kid from all influence type of homeschooler.)

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