Dare to Truth

The Vatican Deception…

The core of every organized religion is the Dark being sold as the Light. Very dangerous! I hold the Church completely responsible for the brainwashing of the masses. They are the ones pushing the lie. They are the pushers…

These Temples of Deception get all their marching orders from our dear Vatican. The Vatican is the hub of worship of this off world evil that has ruled our race for thousands of years.

All these different religions are just veins that run from a central source which is the Vatican. The Vatican is an incredibly evil and sinister place just look at its decor. It’s all serpent and incredibly Dark. It’s always been right in front of our faces.

Underneath the Vatican are miles of tunnels and hidden rooms where the child rituals take place to show their worship to these off world gods that look at the human race as cattle. We are a grand experiment that fell under the control of this off world evil empire.

They keep the human population in a continuous state of confusion, suppression and desperation only to keep us from knowing who and what we really are. We are their workforce and in theory the very thing that keeps them alive.

The Vatican holds records of our true existence and individual records of every single one of you. These Reptilian empire building demons are very interested in who is incarnating into this world.

They know their reign is over hence, the incredible desperation we’re seeing from their minions. Earth has changed frequency with the Age of Aquarius. (2012)

When transitioning into a different constellation comes a different frequency, a higher frequency, so we are experiencing a different reality and with that comes higher awareness and incredible insight. Everything on this planet and in our Universe is going thru a metamorphic change, a consciousness change.

This is what’s bringing on the Human Awakening, this is why there is so much chaos on our planet right now. Meaning, everything is frequency, vibration and everything has consciousness and when you tweak that frequency just a little bit it causes immense change that ripples throughout all creation. We are the Greatest Show on Earth. 🌏

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