Is it really just Kovid?

I’ve seen many people say that Kohved is a cover up for Child trfkng. TBH, that is one aspect of it, however, we must not become complacent and believe that this is the sole purpose of what they are doing.. because it’s not.

Don’t forget that all of your rights are being stripped, your future is being stolen from you, your children’s futures are being decimated as I type this. They are setting up a climate to catch you up wherever you go, no matter who you’re around with the traps being set right now. Thermal imaging is being setup at all major venues and airports. The NWO is manifesting in front of your eyes. If we become complacent by simply believing that this is all to cover up child trfking… then our rights and our futures are gone. Plain and simple. Do not mistake this post for something that it’s not. Awareness about the reality of what these poor children deal with is needed and it sickens me when I think about these innocent children who all deserve a nice life. I think about my daughter and I can’t even fathom the reality of what these children experience. It definitely needs to be stopped.. and that’s why many of us have advocated and spent countless hours raising awareness about this topic for years. However, if we stop raising awareness about what they’re doing to the entire world right now.. then it will be IMPOSSIBLE to ever stop child trfking because you wont have any rights to do so. Think I’m joking?? Think again.

Published by Maria Chicago Native

Maria Zen Creations is the beginning of my journey with Love & Light coming together. So how does "light" and "love" come together in this world? Well, Love is the glue that binds existence together for us spiritually and mentally. Without love, what would be the point for us? I believe we all come together in a spiritual circle --Namaste---meaning "I bow to you"---it is beautiful. In Conclusion, I want to pass along my love energy, and I am also giving you some of my love light. ---Maria Zucchero

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