Star seeds and my people

Honestly if there are people putting down other individuals no matter what career choice they have then they should repent. As far as opinions about the upcoming year- this will just be another negative subject to so many-

First it was Covid, then BLM, Vaccines, and I guess now The education system. If nobody wakes up soon this war will start between the people and not for the people. I am speaking out because I realized this year in my life who are real and who are fake. When one takes a stance and tries to prevent the inevitable that may be an issue. Everyone knows that parents are concerned for their children no matter what the situation is. It could be health, it could be social, money, food, abuse, or it could be that the parents have to work.

All in all it’s about them. Not us-

It’s not about believing in teachers, nor the system because we didn’t ask for this situation nor did they! We know how much the kids miss their friends, teachers, their activities, and the sports.
Having a son in High School is probably the worse because East only has 2 Half Days- -and he has AP classes? How will this work?

Am I complaining? No. I embrace life with Love & Light.
Anyone that knows me will understand that and those that do not- well aren’t or won’t be in my life. Alignment with like minded people is what it’s all about and my goal is to make sure my children are content under the new ways of life.

We need to go back to the old days-
PreTechnology days-
Because this generation can’t live on survival skills alone and it’s not their fault .

I will get off my soap box but sometimes it just comes out due to the fact it’s just another notch on the belt for 2020.
If this resided with you then I would love to carry on the conversation- if this offended you please do yourself a favor and admit that. Don’t pretend anymore that you think you like me or tolerate me- I have grown and only want soul spirits in my tribe!
Love and light to all those that understand my stance and have let go of the narrative of the EGOTISTICAL mind.

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