Mind blown once again- Jesus- the truth

I did not realize there were so many people who did not know who ‘Jesus’ was and to be honest there were two of them in the Bible but don’t get me started on this one, because the only one I speak of generally is the son of Miriam Ben Stada, and yes for those unaware she was artificially inseminated by Ea, the father of humanity. The key defining difference is Ea used his own Y chromosome to create him as a perfectly balanced AB- hybrid, and yes his abilities far exceeded that of normal humans as a result, and his knowledge from being taught in the secret schools of the time only added to this.

Let me explain something most are now realizing, the fact humanity is three species and not one, and Yeshua himself was sent specifically to deal with the Hebrew Jews who followed the Torah as well as the Canaanite / Khazarian lines who followed the Talmud. People need to understand he was sent to deal with a tribe where rape and murder were commonplace and he was trying to teach these people compassion because they did indeed possess it, but also the primary thing they lacked and that was to use their own judgement instead of mindlessly following the teachings they had been given so long as they still adhered to the Laws of the Torah and the Talmud both and for those unaware, the teachings at times could be ruthless which is why he was trying to teach the the best way to do things. His followers loved his teachings and as a result they spread to others and yes, they are based on Buddhism actually and this was to try and alleviate some of the damage the Satanic Talmudic Jews were doing through their false teachings aka the Levitic Sect known as the Biblical Pharisees.

So yes, he did exist, most of the teachings about the stories of him though are basically Astrotheological and / or Kabbalistic in nature and that’s due to the Catholics blending Paganism with Christianity of the original Coptic Gnostics who knew the truth, which is why the Church hunted and killed them. They turned Catholicism into a Pagan death cult by design and yes, the corrupted Draco control all three of the Abrahamic religions to use as a weapon. Yeshua did not die on the cross either, these teachings are Kabbalistic and based on the Two Thieves who steal from the ‘Light’ by following the Left or the Right meaning you are unbalanced energetically within your own mind and do not follow the ‘Middle Way’. So yes, the Yeshua and Mary’s blood line persisted and it was hidden purposely because the Canaanite lines wanted him dead at all costs for exposing their false Satanic teachings. Good and Evil / Light and Dark / Left and Right / Severity and Mercy / Boaz and Jachin, these are the energies of the two hemispheres in your brain.

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