A S C E N S I O N 1 0 1 : The ‘Galactics’.
The Old Souls And The Adepts (Series).
The ELOHIM’s Timelines (Series).


This is what I am discovering about human reality (as I write this, I am grounding my discoveries into the collective consciousness), that most people are only asleep due to a lack of enthusiasm for the Self. The lack of awareness in general, is what is causing the human slumber.

Many are the results of the societal propaganda, programming and brainwashing. Especially since the technology of electronic transmission (mostly the television), the average human has the IQ of a ‘nutjob’ giving the fact that everything in society is meant to keep the population spiritually and mentally incapacitated. A society that values facts (fabricated lies by monopolisation) than actual truths. A society that encourages ignorance through compliance than awareness of self through self discovery and realisation.

Enough of this basic descriptions, since it only takes away focus from the discovery of solutions to the darkness that plagues human society.

What I have discovered is that as long as there’s still light left on in the world, there’s still fight left in the world. As long as there’s still light-workers and light-warriors amongst the population, then there’s still hope. The darkness has no victory. By victory, I meant total human subjugation. By consciously engaging reality through these scenarios with the sleepers, one automatically transcend what appears to be the plague of ignorance. The sleepers appears unconscious most times, but the awakened sees through the lies and illusions.
By appearing consciously in every moment, one is able to stay uninfected.

By consciously choosing love (Love of Self, love of others, love of life) over fear, one is able to experience the duality without being a victim of this reality.

One observer is a victim, while the other is pure awareness.

Be that awareness.

May the joy of knowing yourself be with you always.

Eternal peace.

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