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I am going to explain the history of the Dragon blood lines because people can not tell one from the other and the good and evil ones apart. I’m going to explain which tribes were created from who and when and give a better idea of all the original Dragon blood lines and their blood types and what hybrids they were thereof.

So we need to start with the invasion of Atlantis which is when the Draco first learned to hybridized with the early Neanderthals and / or a few of the Adamic tribes from Africa. This created the first O- hybrids on Earth known as the Atlanteans as well as a few rare A- out of Odin, Esau’s and Daniels’ blood line.

These early Dragon hybrids were relatively stable energetically but lacked the strong desires and compassion of the Sirians tribes due to the lack of the B type blood. This led to the invitation of the Hebrews and Hebrew Jews to Atlantis to interbred with the Atlantean lines so they could gain each other’s energies creating perfect beings so to speak. The resulting experimentation and crossbreeding led to the dramatic pollution of the natural gene pool which is what brought about the decisions of the ‘higher ups’ to destroy Atlantis with a meteor strike.

This led to a split in the factions of the Draco hybrids and 22 of them decided to go rogue with Saturn, Satan, Set, Moloch, Loki, Dionysus, Bacchus and started the Titan War between the two factions of Apollo / Odin and Loki / Saturn and it was due to them being infuriated over the destruction of Atlantis right before acquiring the Sirian energy, of which took place immediately After bu the Betrayers who went and bred with Lilith and Cain’s tribe of the C Haplogroup leading to their destruction, and the surviving females then went and bred with Ham’s people in Africa creating the Canaanites who were then again, ordered to be destroyed by Enlil for worshiping Moloch / Satan. Again the survivors bred into some of the Tribes of Israel, and primarily the next most dangerous hybrids were the J line Canaanite (O-) who bred into Japeth’s tribe of the K line and created the Ashkenazi.

The Tribes of Jacob ( B -) and Esau (A-) are the E1b1b and the E1b1a and still located in Africa to this day. The Bantu tribes are usually Esau’s and better balanced than the Yacobean tribes most often found in East Africa like the Somalians and Ethiopians, but the Somalians are by far the most unstable. Many of the Satanic lines tried to usurp these tribes identity to use as a weapon against everyone else.

Lastly I will give the most well known AB- hybrid tribes and they were the Merovingians or Yeshua / Magdalene blood line. Both were created later and a result of the fusion of Draco hybrids and I believe Tribe of Dan were an A- fused with a B- whilst Yeshua’s was an A2- mixed with a B+ or a A1+ with a B-. There is one line I am not 100% sure of their blood type aside from know it possessed both the A+ and O- and these were the Mormoms of which survived the destruction of Atlantis. Ancient lineage is that of Pleiadian Royalty from Atlantis who married a Draco woman from the Canaanite lines and created the only Pleiadian Draco hybrids on Earth aside from Odin/Thor’s line and the X Haplogroup is the only one specifically tied directly to Atlantis.

These are all the original Dragon blood line on Earth. The RH- were not Neanderthals but fused with them to create the Atlanteans, and were not Denisovans who were Adam and Eve’s people but rather the RH- Cromagnon / Nephilim / Rephraim and many others, including the Elven which I forgot but will cover now, which are the Gaelic, the Scythians and the Khazars who came from an E blood line through Thor and Echidna, sister of Gorgon, a Demon Dragon Lady (Likely Ashkenazic K mtDNA) creating the balance between White and Black Dragons although the Gaelic turned out more like Thor and were rather boring at times, whilst the Khazars turned out more like their mother Echidna which is why they are often bat shit insane or evil and only the Scythians were the truly balanced hybrids between the two and father of the Scythians was able to pass Thor’s test and became the Scythian Kings.

To balance these two, having the Gaels and Khazars breed to together would fix both or them genetically. Similar idea to having the other Satanic line obtaining the Pleaidian genetics so they can stop being mongrels their entire existence.
Hope this clarifies a few things on the Rh- / Fallen Angel / Bene Elohim / Seraphim / Alpha Draconian blood lines.

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