So we are the Light

I’ve had this saved on an external hard drive for a few years. It’s funny because I had a feeling that one day it would be relevant, which is why I decided to hold onto it. I’ve been talking about the changing of the guard from dark (Satanists) to light (Luciferians) lately when trying to explain what is happening in politics and happening with the take down and eventual removal of “the cabal.”

The below was written by a Luciferian member in order to explain that most of the dark occultists (Satanists / Saturn worshipers) have been lied to by their own cult hierarchy in order to suppress the knowledge that everything dark must turn to light. This is essentially foretelling that the writer and those loyal to this cause seemed to have known for a very long time that this was going to happen. He’s also explaining that most dark occultists fear this more than anything because this involves their exposure and eventual death. This is what the Lion King’s hidden meaning is all about. This is the allegorical anti-christ story. This is the take down of the (dark) cabal and the prophecy that Albert Pike wrote about in his book “Morals and Dogma.” Remember, this is not information that I wrote, it’s something I’ve had saved for a while.. I’m only posting this to give you a better idea of the way the Luciferians think and to show you that what he mentions below is what’s happening at this point in time. This is the actual reason for the “draining of the swamp” and the “fall of the cabal.” It’s also important to note (for those who are unaware) the new age spiritual “religion” or outlook that most of the spiritual community is caught up in, was all created by the Luciferians. The idea of “Love and Light” as well as everything contained in the new age outlook are all Luciferian ideals and creation. Most of the spiritual community is unaware that they are unknowingly following Luciferian ideals and the Luciferian mindset. When people mention the “Golden Age” while thinking it’s just a beautiful time of transition… this is what it’s actually referring to:

“The True Meaning of ‘Illuminati,’ and the Truth About Social Darwinism and Royal ‘Bloodlines’:

One of the greatest and most powerful secrets of all—which is hidden from the majority of cabal members—is the supremacy of light, and the inevitable triumph of light over darkness. The primacy of this secret is the reason for it not only being hidden in plain sight (one of their favorite tactics) but being hidden in the absolute pinnacle of plain sight: ‘Lucifer’ (lit. ‘light bearer’) and ‘Illuminati’ both encode this most essential and dangerous truth: light supremacy is inevitable. Truth and God will inevitably triumph over lies and evil. That which the dark occultists fear most, their greatest secret, they chose to hide from each other in the most obvious plain sight—the very semantic pinnacle of the ‘Luciferian’ ‘Illuminati.’

The most convincing lie, with which the inevitable supremacy of light has been occulted from the minions of the cabal, is the concept of ‘social Darwinism.’ Dark occultists fancying themselves ‘social Darwinists’ have mistakenly claimed that psychopathy is the most advanced/evolved trait a human can have. This claim is based on the objective fact that the genetic trait of psychopathy (the inability to feel empathy) has provided the ‘bloodline families’ (genetically psychopathic families) of the cabal an obvious advantage over normal humans. These congenitally psychopathic bloodlines have long ruled Europe as the ‘Royal’ families.

This genetically inherited trait of ‘cold bloodlessness’ has allowed the bloodline family members to use Satanic ritual abuse, rape, torture, human sacrifice, and blackmail slavery to wield totalitarian control over each other, and the shadow government and deep state—for many centuries of successful rule. Such evil methods of control are only possible for psychopaths, for normal humans would not be able to do such things, let alone carry on such traditions for centuries. The idea that psychopathy is an evolutionary superior trait is a convincing lie, for it has worked so well for so many centuries.

Psychopaths ruled during the Dark Age, when secrecy was the most effective tool for welding control. The most occulted secret is that they are destined to yield, however, to intuitive empaths and illuminated geniuses in the Golden Age, when information and surveillance inevitably becomes so ubiquitous that secrecy becomes impossible.

Psychopathy did enable the creation of a global shadow government through blackmail control networks, and other immoral means, which could only be effectively accomplished by psychopaths. This is similar to the use of scaffolding to build an arch. The arch could only be built by first erecting the scaffold structure around it. Psychopathy is the building material of the shadow government. During the whole construction process, the scaffolding comes first, and the entire structure is held together by the scaffolding. In the end, however, once the keystone of the arch is in place, the scaffolding is no longer needed.

To argue that psychopathy is the most evolutionarily advanced trait is like arguing that scaffolding is the most advanced aspect of an arch under construction. After all, the scaffolding rose first, and has held the whole arch together during the entire construction process. Does that not mean it is the most advanced and long lasting aspect of the structure? That is exactly what a builder would tell pieces of scaffolding, if they were conscious, in order to trick them into being used to build the arch. Social Darwinism was the lie told to the psychopaths of the shadow government, because the occulted truth has always been that the supremacy of light can only be delayed for so long, and the most advanced trait of humanity is our selfless ability to lay down our lives for the greater good. Empathy and love are the most advanced and enduring traits of humanity. Callousness and fear did have a big head start, and long enjoyed total dominion, but in the end love’s triumph is inevitable. The Golden Dawn is inevitable.

Another genetic trait exists, which also plays a significant role in the evolution of man and the dawning of the Golden Age. It has been the subject of both significant research by the CIA and DIA, as well as a prolonged and concerted smear campaign. The media has so effectively ridiculed the subject that it still hasn’t been mentioned in this paragraph. Just as ‘UFOs’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ have been effectively ridiculed and maligned by the mainstream media, so have ‘psychics’ and ‘telepathy.’ What is only now being revealed to the public, however, is that the CIA and DIA (& KGB) not only researched psi abilities, such as remote viewing, etc. but they actively employed them. Eventually the research was taken underground, into unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs), where it has continued to be developed. The combination of genetic modifications of augmented soldiers, or ‘augments,’ whose natural telepathic ability was genetically enhanced, with a further prosthetic enhancement of this ability via sophisticated electromagnetic technology—has given military intelligence the ability to read people’s minds, and communicate via remote influence or telepathy.

Dark occultists have long sought to identify and enslave psychics, to prevent them from working against them. At the same time, they would try to get the rest of the population to ignore and suppress their natural psi abilities by pushing the belief on the general public that such abilities were either superstitious nonsense, or the work of the devil. As the general population begins to rediscover these abilities, however, and as secret military intelligence units enhance and utilize these abilities, the ability to keep secrets is ending, and dawn is breaking.

The most powerful and occulted truth is that the dark night of humanity’s soul eventually and inevitably yields to the Illumination of the Golden Dawn.”

I hope this sheds some light for you (pun intended). Much love #2020vision

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