To School or not to school that is the question


SUGGEST you read this..

Copied from Sophia Briggs

Thank god I dont have children because right now I’d be killing people trust the things I’ve seen the abuse your children are heading to ……ALL THE CARING PARENTS OUT THERE WHOS CHILDREN MAY BE GOING BACK IN SEPTEMBER…


Telephone call-

Headteacher: sorry we have had to take your child to a testing centre as they were showing symptoms of corona (that means they could have a cold, a temperature, a cough)

Parent: right so where is my child?

HT: I’m sorry I cant disclose that information!

P: is my child ok?

HT: I can assure you your child is in safe hands in the mean time you need to self isolate with your family for 14 days.

P: No I’m coming to get my child now!

HT: I’m sorry but if you arrive at the school we will have no choice but to call the police and have you removed from the premises…

P: Is this a joke?? That is my child!

HT: I’m sorry but under the new “covid act” we have the power to remove your child without your consent if we feel they may have symptoms.

P: So when will I see my child next?

HT: We will have a child service officer contact you.

Now imagine this was a call from your Childs Headteacher!!

I suggest every parent on my facebook gets off there arse and does some real research on the legislation of the covid act 2020 regarding the laws for children in school!!!!

They are stripping your rights as a parent…

AND NO this is not a conspiracy theory this on the GOV website. Your rights gone!!!

Wakeup, standup!!!!


I’ve seen the new legislation which were rushed through parliament while everyone was enjoying lockdown….

It’s right there in plain view for you to see, just take a good read! Still sending your child back in September? I thought not!

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