Dare to Truth

The Hollow Earth

The Hollow Earth
by Dr. R. W. Bernard, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

210 Fifth Avenue, New York 10, N.Y.

from OurHollowEarth Website

The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History
Made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles 
The True Origin of the Flying Saucers


To the Future Explorers of the New World that exists beyond North and South Poles in the hollow interior of the Earth. Who will Repeat Admiral Byrd’s historic Flight for 1,700 Miles beyond the North Pole and that of his Expedition for 2,300 Miles beyond the South Pole, entering a New Unknown Territory not shown on any map, covering an immense land area whose total size is larger than North America, consisting of forests, mountains, lakes, vegetation and animal life. 

The aviator who will be the first to reach this New Territory, unknown until Admiral Byrd first discovered it, will go down in history as a New Columbus and greater than Columbus, for while Columbus discovered a new continent, he will discover a New World.



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