Dare to Truth

Grey pope

There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope?



The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this World is a Roman by the name of PEPE ORSINI of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family.

There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope.

Pepe Orsini of the Roman Maximus Clan. Hes the Grey Pope and is the King of the Holy Roman Papal Bloodlines. Above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers but in line and of equal stature to the Breakspear, Aldobrandini, and other Papal Bloodlines…

Knight of Malta, Tom Cruise donates to the Optimum Population Trust of Manchester, England. He and his father are major depopulationists. Both are tied to the Papal bloodline Orsini family The most powerful family in complete control of the conspiracy. Pepe Orsini is the Grey Pope working with his Black Pope ( now dead ) in his Society Of Jesus. The Orsini ( Maximus/Orso ) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierachy of the Jesuit Order.

The “Illuminati” is only one of the six current heads that make up “the Beast” and there is a head to that beast…a woman who rides that beast, the evil Queen Hephzibah. You will never read any article about her, nor will you find any links to any web information about her, she is a Nephilim hybrid.

Most people think that for our politician’s to even contemplate the idea of a mass cull of the populations, would be a suggestion too far, we would never do that.
Something has changed. Something very sinister indeed has slowly, yet without any pause, made its way into the minds of our political representatives.
I know, many people are struggling with the idea we will at some time in the future, face an attempt at forced vaccination of the whole population, which will actually give everyone the virus they are reckoning to vaccinate against, and worse, because this power of demand lies with the United Nations, which also owns the patent controlling rights to the vaccines, via its subsidiary World Health Organization, this command has authority within all nations that suffer bankrupt governments, that also happen to be signed up to the International Health Regulations (IHR).
We know minds such as Malthus, Galton, Darwin, Huxley, and many more insidious eugenicists have spoken at length of the need to ensure the survival of the fittest, which means mass cull from time to time of the lower classes.
[Tom Cruise the actor and Scientologist and also a Knight of Malta ] donates to the Manchester based Optimum Population Trust. He and his father are Huge on eugenics. Cruise and his father tie into the House of Orsini, an old Papal bloodline.
Take a look at the information below, taken from The Jackdaw, which is a Members Magazine coming out of the Optimum Population Trust, in order we can take a peak at the kind of minds, including the likes of Sir David Attenborough, that would be fascinated by the idea of controlling the human populations as if they are Gods.

We have seen how satanic Hanx and company are, as you move up this pyramid to the Orsini Bloodline, the top it is beyond frightening.

Knowing this intro you’ll now be able to start seeing more of the whole truth of what’s really going on around us.

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