Origins and Creation


Well I figured I explained humanity’s creation, I figure I would go back by far farther to the First Thought. For those unaware there is a document that explains the Creation of the Universe but it’s extremely difficult to understand for most due to the way it is written so I will explain it in basic English.
For those of you who know the passage, ‘In the Beginning the Word, and the Word was God, and God said, let there be Light.’

For those who do not understand quantum mechanics / particle physics, this comes into play. In the Beginning was the Word (Sound) created from the vibrations that emanated in the Great Void, which was a mass of ‘Dark Water’. The Great Void, is the ForeFather of the Universe and the Consciousness that dwells with the Great Void which was a culminating dark mass that possessed the same Void energy that exists in the Caananite / Demon Clan blood lines. It’s a consuming negative vortex.
When the vibration / consciousness hit critical mass and the Void sought more and literally spawned the AllFather from this ‘womb’ to create, observe and experience Creation. The First Light created through the Great Void through what is known as Sonoluminescence, bringing Light from the Darkness and completing the dual toroidal vortex system that became our universe in it’s entirely and the galaxies are separated into four quadrants representing the four base elements and powered by the ‘Aether’ aka the ‘Source’.

The AllFather using the this ‘Source’ of Light now had a power core for his newly acquired quantum simulator in computer terms. He then tried to create Vessels that could contain this Light as a power source and experience the various dimensional wavelengths of the Universe and the galaxies thereof. The initial attempt at creating a vessel to contain this light failed and the vessel shattered. To alleviate this he created a lesser being than himself, the first Man / Adam so to speak along with a counterpart Sophia, the Mother of the Universe to create the first Formed Ones after the first Formless Ones were created.
He created the Formless Ones to help aide him in finding suitable regions to create lower vibrational vessels and simply use a ‘fragment’ of the source to power their vessels. The Formless Ones are 9th dimensional entities and the true angels in this universe and work directly for the AllFather. These beings were unknown even to the Annunaki Elohim and only spoken of in their legends.

It was Sophia’s wish to create lesser beings and alienated herself away from the first beings created to have Ea purposely come to Earth to create children for her to care for that were less than the Perfect Ones, leading to the creation of humanity and planned long before the Annunaki ever stepped foot on Earth. She believed that she could hide them from the Formless Ones and the Perfect Ones, but the AllFather knew everything and simply allowed it to happen, for nothing happens in this universe without HIS knowledge, for everything is connected on a quantum level through quantum entanglement and we aren’t separate entities but rather all fragments of the initial Sources power. Once let go though we become independent ‘thought processes’ that interact in the various dimensions to gather information for the AllFather who is the ‘Programmer’ of this ‘Simulation Program’.

The reason for humanity’s creation, unknown to even the Elohim, was to create a balanced race from scratch that possessed all four Keys or rather the four elements of Earth aka the O+, the Fire from the O- / A1+, the Air from the A2- and the water from the B+/-. People need to understand flow of energy in order to understand the Blood Kabbalah. If you consider Earth / O+ as he occipital region, the energy flows within the body and mind the exact same way the energy of the Kabbalah does. So when you are looking at the various lobes of the brain, each element / blood type correlates to and activates a specific region based on blood type, and how humans never noticed this is beyond me. You literally have the Jung Meyers system that explains each of the 16 brain / blood type personalities and there are 16 total based on how the blood has mixed and matched from interbreeding, which is why I have stated that just because you share the exact same blood type as someone else, doesn’t always mean you will think identically due to genetic predisposition which ties into the genetics of the actual races. Pleaidians are always, Those Who Absorb, whilst Sirians are always Those Who Offer, and the Draco simply take on the characteristics / energy of the tribes they bred with and then amplify them double to what they were originally through creation of the dual toroidal vortex energy system that was created in body body and mind from mixing the RH+ and RH- together. This is why Draco are hyper intelligent and humans are suffering from being Right brained primitives due to no Left brain function and it shows. Even many of the Draco I notice are lacking in their logic functions which is disturbing for an A2- to witness. The instability in the Draco is why they are suffering and humans don’t make it any easier by constantly trying to compare species that aren’t remotely the same. Everyone is meant to become a single species possessing the genetics of all three tribes which grants tri wave consciousness.

Key difference I noticed recently. Pleaidians are entirely fear based mind control and are suffering from monkey mentality / group pack psychology which is basically, once one has been brainwashed, they try and beat the stupid into others they come into contact with and yes, this is entirely truth, just look as the Maskholes and it shows.

The AllFather only wanted to create a species that could surpass all others, by having the energies combine in a lower dimensional wavelength where they could stabilize without destroying each other. Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Until you become them all, you can not reach the highest Heavens and love / compassion is the most critical emotion since it comes from the heart and is the center of your Merkaba. It’s why the mongrels can never ascend / evolve due to lacking the Pleaidian genetics. The Dark Fire of the Draco is not the same as the Holy Fire of the Pleaidian and if you mix them, it creates an inferno, literally. If you add Air to Fire, it creates an inferno. If you and Air to Water, it creates the Perfect Storm but without a strong Earth foundation, the energies run amok and are over the top, which is why the Annunaki almost destroyed themselves, from lack of being grounded and constantly fighting over things that we would see as irrelevant and do things humans and view things in a way humans don’t even consider since they were immortal. Hope this clarifies a few things and the perspective of the AllFather who literally designed and orchestrated all events on Earth long before the Elohim stepped foot here. If you haven’t figured this out yet, HE basically tossed all the energies in a bowl to have them mix, knowing what would happen, waiting for them to mix back together to create a vessel that could re-ascend to the highest dimensions aka the Kingdom of Heaven because of the issue of the vessels shattering when trying to combine them in the higher dimensions. ~

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