Dare to Truth

Vaccines KILL

They ordered vaccine manufacturers to turn over their documents and found them graphing how much it would cost for a brain damaged baby.

They determined that a dead baby costs less than a brain damaged baby.

By graphing these costs, they determined how much they would need to charge for the vaccines to still profit.

A judge in NJ ordered one of the companies to produce their documents and only gave them 48 hrs. They did this because the manufacturers were already beginning to manipulate data (and lie) to make it harder to sue.

If the lawyers had been more prepared they would have tried to lock down or clean the documents, but since they didn’t these things were found.

This was in the 80’s . This was when they could still be sued. This is also when the Tennessee SIDS cluster happened and they decided to split the lots so that deaths wouldn’t happen in clusters that could be traced back to the vaccines. I’m sure you know about hot lots now.”

Prior to 1986 the vaccine manufacturers could be held liable and sued for vaccine injuries; however, they were being sued so often and losing so much money they went to the federal government and threatened to stop making vaccines if they weren’t protected.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was born. Vaccine manufacturers are no longer liable from any harm that is caused by their products. The tax payer now has to pay for injuries or deaths that occur.

It’s Interesting at the same time that the Pharmaceutical companies were granted immunity from being sued that autism started to skyrocket.

In 2014 alone 3,540 families were compensated through the vaccine injury compensation program for death or serious bodily harm caused by vaccines (and those are just the ones the government conceded to and not anywhere near the total cases filed.)

So far in 2017 Dozens of families have won cases for over $1.4 million (keep in mind the average award is only $250,000 for a lifetime of disability)

Where is the outrage? Where are all the people screaming for the vaccine manufacturers to be held responsible?

…” I’m getting all of this information from ‘the truth about vaccines’.

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