The Crossroads Lyrics and How it means selling your soul!

Tha CrossroadsBone Thugs-n-Harmony Bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, bone, boneTell me what ya gonna do –When there ain’t nowhere to run –When judgment comes for you? Let’s all bring it in for WallyEazy-E, Uncle CharlieLittle Boo Boo – God’s got himAnd I’m gonna miss everybodyI done rolled and blows my gaugeLooked at himContinue reading “The Crossroads Lyrics and How it means selling your soul!”

Herkimers Diamonds and Moldavite: How much is too powerful?

High Vibration Chakra Crystals and Stones Apophyllite Brookite Celestite Creedite Danburite Fulgurite Herderite Herkimer Diamonds Heulandite Kyanite Lybian Desert Glass Moldavite Natrolite Petalite Phenacite Rhodizite Scolecite Selenite Stellar Beam Calcite Tanzanite Tiffany Stone Tremolite Yttrium Fluorite A wise person once told me to purchase these two: Herkimers Diamonds and Moldavite can raise the vibration ofContinue reading “Herkimers Diamonds and Moldavite: How much is too powerful?”

Azeztulite “The Ascension Stone

Azeztulite does not absorb negative energy. Therefore, it never needs cleansing or energizing. This crystal is most definitely a positive element and as such, is only one of 4 stones known to date which never need cleansing or energizing. The vibrations of Azeztulite increase with the rising vibrations of the Earth. One who wears thisContinue reading “Azeztulite “The Ascension Stone”

New Moon Sept. 17, 2020

New Beginnings, Yin Energy, Intention Are you ready to grab your crystals? Which ones do you have for the ritual? Clear Quartz- For Energetic cleansing Labradorite- For tapping into the magic of the new moon Moonstone- New beginnings, Lucid dreaming especially at the time of the full moon. Moss- Agate-Growth, New beginnings, Manifestation Obsidian-Grounding, Strength,Continue reading “New Moon Sept. 17, 2020”

Sent to me inflation

Working Paper No. 636Bernanke’s Paradox: Can He Reconcile His Position on the Federal Budget with His Recent Charge to Prevent Deflation?byPavlina R. TchernevaLevy Economics Institute of Bard CollegeNovember 2010The Levy Economics Institute Working Paper Collection presents research in progress by Levy Institute scholars and conference participants. The purpose of the series is to disseminate ideasContinue reading “Sent to me inflation”

I see youI see your openness, your longing, and your willingness.I see your skepticism and your hope.I see your wild desire and your fear.I see the blocks, wounds, and ancestral baggage that hold you back,And I see the wide open expanse of Freedom that lays before you.I see your future happiness, and I will walk there with you.I’ve got you my friend.All parts of you are welcome here.

When others give you news to post Concave earth- so many theories so little time

SUBSCRIBEDon’t miss the future Subscribe today for unlimited access to Plus get the print and digital editions of the magazine.SubscribeAlready a subscriber? Sign in AUTHOR: MATT SIMONMATT SIMON 07.02.14 06:30 AM Fantastically Wrong: The Legendary Scientist Who Swore Our Planet Is Hollow IN 1869 AN American physician named Cyrus Reed Teed, whose very own brand of medicineContinue reading “When others give you news to post Concave earth- so many theories so little time”

Byrd is the word

Open in appGet startedThe Weird Closet Responses (2) To respond to this story,get the free Medium app. Open in app corolla sedan11 months ago Well well there is no end of possibilities,but one must keep in mind that USA have very foundation on lies and deception,and this is how they become billionaires. 4 Jay Kimaniabout 1Continue reading “Byrd is the word”