Male turned female and vice Versa but wait- BinLa daughters- different mothers

Satanic mongrels all look alike to some degree. Draco with high Sirian, no Pleiadian / male energy and guess what, many of these are actually ‘males’. I told people I can literally look at someone and recognize what hybrid they are and even what tribe they are from just by looking at them. ~

so they are born male and have a sex change with hormones but are genetically male like a transgender?
Sorry trying to learn. I understand your answer, but not how it relates to them transforming to females bc that wouldn’t change their genetics, would it?

Published by Maria Chicago Native

Maria Zen Creations is the beginning of my journey with Love & Light coming together. So how does "light" and "love" come together in this world? Well, Love is the glue that binds existence together for us spiritually and mentally. Without love, what would be the point for us? I believe we all come together in a spiritual circle --Namaste---meaning "I bow to you"---it is beautiful. In Conclusion, I want to pass along my love energy, and I am also giving you some of my love light. ---Maria Zucchero

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