Dare to Truth


Agartha – The Land of Immortality. At 2300 miles across the North Pole, there is an entrance to the center of the Earth. Here, according to Admiral Richard Byrd, there would be a much more developed human civilization. Those who inhabited the earth moved underground 100,000 years ago. In those times, a war has taken place that destroyed much of the population and also has created the known deserts. Virgil Armstrong, a former C.I.A. agent, describes the fascinating universe underneath us. Immortal people, congenial atmosphere, beings there travel with speeds of over 3 miles per hour, Atlantic and Lemurian inhabitants, flying saucers and much more. These are the main theories about life inside the earth. A recent photo of the north pole, in NASA’s custody and transmitted by one of the many neighboring satellites, has resurfaced the interest of geophysicists. In this picture, you can clearly see a surface where the ice is missing. On a 300-km radius there is fertile ground, although everyone knows that under the ice we should have water and not land. The fact is also confirmed by the submarine routes that pass through that area. What could this mysterious spot from the north pole be? To elucidate the mystery, Nasa has commissioned new photos, taken from different angles and from different satellites. Despite all efforts to deny it, the mysterious spot where the ice seems to be missing appeared in all the satellite photos. The first thought was that it was a magnetic phenomenon. But the hypothesis was shattered by NASA researchers dealing with electromagnetic fields. Aurora Borealis should manifest differently and appears differently in pictures. This mysterious photo sparked many controversies and gave birth to many strange theories.

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