Don’t make assumptions

Don’t Make Assumptions
Do you agree? 


Maria Zucchero — Embrace your passions to profits

Introduction: What do I mean by not making assumptions

First of all, we are all human and with that truth, we have a tendency to make assumptions—about everything.

The problem lies with what we believe is the truth. Sometimes we swear they are real or that we know what others are thinking as well as doing. We could be so far from the truth. All of a sudden we read minds…yep, we are that powerful. Then you know what happens next? 

We start assuming and blaming everything and every one as if we truly believe that. Did you ever once stop and think, hmm I am using my word with emotional poison.  

The list of emotions start to rip into us like venom:

  • Drama starts
    • We make assumptions and misunderstand the point of taking things to a personal level.
    • Guess what, Gossiping fits in this role as well.
    • Are we children of the devil or of the higher being God?

Remember, as we communicate to one another it can either go each way. Gossiping will cause hell amongst us and transfer that deadly poison to one another.

I know this is deep but I have grown to understand that our mindset needs to be different in order for change to occur.

  • Are you righteous and start blaming others for being wrong? Are you defending yourself because you believe you personally have been victimized?
  • This will lead to fights and hurt feelings.
    • You see what you want to see, and you hear what you want to hear.
    • Do we need to justify everything? 

Can we just feel safe in our surroundings, maybe feel comfortable and relax?

Is it true that we victimize ourselves before we allow ours to do so? Is this your defense mechanism?

How about rejection? Is this the way we should live…but this is literally the way the human mind works.

Can we agree to disagree that we just need to stop making assumptions…

Can we wear a smile and good hearts daily even when you don’t feel like it?

I know we are all not perfect nor should anyone expect that but is it that hard to be a genuinely nice person?

If you do not want to make assumptions, start asking questions!

Are you a clear communicator? If you don’t understand something do you ask? The truth will set you free.

Free yourself of emotional poison and make your word impeccable!

I know this sounds easier then it is but baby steps will guide you in the right direction. Our habits are formed therefore they can be broken.

Try making changes and taking action daily and it will strengthen you.

I will leave you with this: Practice what you preach and the spirit with move freely through you.

Be the master of your destination and love yourself first.

Embrace your passions to profits.

Maria Zucchero

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