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ZAP SURGICAL SYSTEMS USES VIZIBLE TO SHOWCASE THEIR PRODUCTS IN VRJuly 10, 2018Gabe BakerZap Surgical Systems, a global medical devices manufacturer, uses Vizible to design and present virtual reality experiences that showcase their products, and we were excited to see Zap present their Vizible VR experience at the Foxconn factory opening event in Wisconsin on June 28, 2018. Vizible is the new, no-coding VR creation and conferencing tool from WorldViz, and we’re proud that it’s already seeing adoption from world-class companies like Zap Surgical Systems. Read on to see why Zap was at the Foxconn event, and why they choose VR and Vizible as the way to showcase their product. As you can see, it brought in quite the audience:Left to Right: President Trump, Zap CEO(John Adler), Foxconn CEO (Terry Gou), Softbank CEO(Masayoshi Son)One of Zap Surgical Systems’ products is the Zap-X, a self-contained, self-shielded therapeutic radiation device aimed at treating head, brain, and neck lesions (benign or malignant). The new Foxconn factory in Wisconsin is where the Zap-X device will be manufactured in the United States. To promote this device, the VR experience that Zap showcased at the event let people see what it’s like to be in the Zap-X from the perspective of a patient. Because Vizible is collaborative, another user in addition to the patient could be inside the VR experience simultaneously,