Freedom fighters

The fight for freedom has begun. Arise humanity and take your power back.
The mood on your planet is changing. The consciousness of the peoples of earth is rising.Just some time ago you couldn’t comment anything about what you knew was really going on behind the scenes. People would stare at you with blank faces not understanding a thing of what you just said.
As the days in solitude continued, people began arguing about each other’s thoughts and what each perceived as reality.
But now you can see a shift happening. And as you randomly express your mistrust towards your governments and your frustration about being forced to wear masks, people start nodding and saying “YES” to it all. Suddenly you don’t hear regular people repeat the phrase “It’s for our own safety.” anymore. At least not as much as before.
We’re not saying everyone is saying yes, we’re not saying everyone is waking up. No, it still is very far from that. But humans on earth are making great progress in seeing through the illusion of the matrix.
People around the world are getting together on the streets of their countries to protest against their governments who they feel do not have their best interests at heart.
THIS IS YOUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM THAT HAS FINALLY BEGUN.THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END.The end of an evil control system that is breaking like shattered glass.
But you must fight for it. YOU MUST FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM.Peacefully protesting is how you fight!!!

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