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P O W E R  T I PWhat To Do When Your Desires Feel Stuck

We all experience “stuck” desires sometimes…

Today’s Power Tip is about what to do when, no matter what you try, a desire just doesn’t seem to manifest.

This is a common experience and can leave you puzzled as to why it is happening.

Because if you do the work, if you follow the techniques or processes, use the journal daily, shouldn’t it work?

Not always.

This is because of something we call a “silent blocker.”

We all have our own unique silent blockers, which are hidden blockages that prevent certain manifestations from happening.

Usually these blockages have something to do with fear of success, fear of failure, not believing you deserve your desire, or something similar.

They are hidden, they are powerful, and they must be eliminated in order to manifest your “stuck” desires.

After working with thousands of people to break through their blockages and manifest their goals and desires, we’ve distilled this process into a science.

If you feel stuck with certain desires, chances are you have at least a few blockages—and we’d love to help.

Here’s how:Get Your Personalized Manifestation Plan


Dave & Michael
Co-founders, Reality Hacker Co


Get unblocked and manifesting your unique life vision effortlessly with our first-of-its-kind Personalized Blockage Diagnosis & Manifestation Plan.


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