This is the WAY…

I AM Saint Germain. Everything is coming NOW to a Point. A Point of LOVE. A Point of HIGHER Consciousness that you have all been working toward. 
You said in your discussion earlier, “you are the ones you have been waiting for.” You have heard that through many of us that have shared that with you. And it was done for a purpose. It was done so that you would know that you are not receiving saviors from outside of your SELF. You are receiving saving within your SELF.
As you find your SELF moving Higher and Higher in vibration, you connect with your Higher SELF. For that is what this is all about: the connection to your Higher GOD SELF. BEcoming back to that knowing of that connecting.. . .Read The Full Article Now >>> Click here to read the full article <<Love, Light & Infinite Blessings,Aurora & Your Galactic Federation Ground Crew

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