Dare to Truth

The Vatican , Pleiadian- Melania Trump

As my good friend has pointed out …this is a must watch….the people have been played as fools …..and most are not awake to this….this is a spiritual war whether you believe it or not.

“Watch the Archbishop video first. When you get to Pleiadian segments go to Melania Trump first speech in the link provided. I mentioned in previous post about voice of origin.

Pause videos and listen to each link back n forth. Note subtle differences due to technical equipment used. However, they’re so close it’s bang on. Not saying it’s the exact person, it’s about voice of origin. The archbishop video is a must watch!
Trump is under contract to fulfill what we’re witnessing which means He Will Win the election. Voting for Biden is as we know will be the wipe out of the human species. Those vaccinated are in serious trouble. Is it too late for them? Look for evidence between previous vaccines, which actually kills humans and the cures that wipes them out. This is the last true hope for those who taken the vaccine to live a true happy life”
Watch THIS

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