We are 2012 transcendental

We are at the beginning of starting an entire new reality on this planetWe know that in the year 2012 we started traveling through the deepest part of the Photon Belt experiencing these higher frequencies streaming from our Central Sun. This is the Age of Aquarius. We will be in this New Age of reality for the next 2000 years.
We are at the beginning of starting an entire new reality on this planet. Our solar system is part of a much larger solar system called the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters that are rotating around their sun Alcyone.
Our planet rotates around our sun every 365 days and our sun make a revolution around Alcyone every 25,630 years, Alcyone makes a revolution around the center of the galaxy every 225 million years.
On December 21, 2012 we passed the Precession of the Equinox which was the beginning of an entire new cycle, the start of a completely different reality. The end of a revolution of our sun around Alcyone and the end of a revolution of Alcyone around the center of the galaxy. A new age into Aquarius…Remember, every constellation gives off a certain frequency, a different reality so it would make sense when we transitioned into Aquarius we would be receiving a whole new reality.
What the Precession of the Equinox means is it’s Earth’s 25,630 year completion of a cycle around all 12 constellations. We spend 2000 years give or take a couple years in each age, in each constellation.
We just left the Age of Pisces in 2012 which was about control and oppression a low frequency reality. So when you think about it is it any wonder that these off world controllers designed religion? Is it any wonder they made up a savior for the last 2000 year cycle of Pisces?
Every great cycle of transformation comes in with a bang and is usually quite similar. Meaning, our current situation we’re experiencing. Continuous war, the radicalization of our global climate, poverty, the destabilization of societies, disease, pandemics, ice caps melting and sea levels rising etc. We are experiencing the ushering in of a global reset. Basically, what we’re seeing and experiencing is friction between frequencies and in these lower realms that friction unfortunately comes in the form of catastrophic events.
All the historical signs of a collapsing society is evident. Meaning, those structures that are no longer sustainable are falling away. We need to learn from our ancestors mistakes otherwise we are doomed to repeat them. (Atlantis) But, this Human Awakening is changing the entire game. Meaning, the elite that escaped and survived the Great Flood of Atlantis will not be the only ones with the knowledge this time.
While in this 2000 year span of these intense higher frequencies brought on by this Photon Belt humanity is experiencing the transmitting of higher consciousness into our DNA. It is no coincidence that humanity is waking up to our truth on a monumental scale. All human DNA will absorb a new vibrational pattern of extremely high intelligence.
We are currently experiencing a global reset brought on by the expansion of energy. This happens when energy expands, extends and pushes outward causing the previous reality to collapse in on itself. These dark, old, entrenched patterns are decomposing right before our eyes. Whenever there is a start of a new beginning it brings with it the conclusion of outdated conditions.
Will 2020 be the year of physical Ascension? Many are letting go of what limits our evolution and as we ascend into higher frequency and consciousness bandwidths the lower frequencies get replaced by those higher frequencies which in turn brings on higher forms of reality. Meaning, by getting rid of those dense 3D energies it makes room for more light which is a higher frequency. This is happening to humanity on a molecular level meaning our cells are becoming less coagulated, they are separating and absorbing this light which ultimately is transmuting our bodies into our future selves.
Within this continual collapse and expansion we are seeing this incredible Universe recreate itself. We are releasing old outdated patterns, thought forms, obsessions, negative emotions and all past baggage that have been stored and carried over from lifetime to lifetime. Many will say… all you lightbringers, star seeds etc. should not dabble in the dark you are here to raise the vibration but there is a reason for that and that reason is a mission to destabilize the current control system which ultimately will bring in a higher reality. It is the purpose why many of you are here, it is your spiritual dedication to shift humanity into a more harmonious civilization. Make sense?
As this 3D global Matrix collapses we are seeing the peeling away of the illusion. During this incredibly volatile time of rapid change all that doesn’t resonate with truth will fall away. With all that is changing in the world we are being refined changing from carbon to crystalline all in our physical form. Again, this has never been done before in such a physical, dense vessel.
We are on the brink of a New Era, a New Age and the Age of Aquarius will be unlike anything we could ever imagine. We are all here to transition humanity and Earth into a whole new reality, a higher reality and we all know that transitions are rough so buckle up.

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