Dare to Truth

Oreo and Templar?

Keep in mind word magic and etymology while reading this…Magick is all around us, and every time you speak a word, you are speaking magic! Are you creating or cursing with your words…?

“A classic WITCH COVEN is made of 12 neophytes plus the High priest/ess, making a total of 13 members. The Knights Templar were burned as witches on a small island in the river Seine, Paris on Friday 13th. The Cross of Lorraine symbol was carried by the Knights Templar into the Crusades where they sodomised children, raped and pillaged many ancient manuscripts on Islamic and pre-Islamic magical ritual… The WITCH CIRCLE and the CROSS OF LORRAINE are both featured on the world’s most popular biscuit – OREO – which are the abbriveaited incantations used in ancient Greek and Roman CURSING PLATES.

If you were to lay out in a line all the OREOs ever sold, that line of biscuits could circle the globe with OREO cookies more than 300 times. But did any of these billions of Oreo mushers ever notice the blatant Knights Templar symbology etched into a Oreo cookie…? Oreo was the top-selling cookie brand of 20th century, and is still widely loved today. But while having the time of your life while enjoying an Oreo, did you ever stop to pay attention to the dashes and bars and circles and other strange symbols designed on the cookie? Probably not. Read along because because you’re in for a grand surprise!

An Oreo is a ‘host’ meaning it is a biscuit similar to the wafers given during PURIM and at Roman Catholic churches – except this isn’t symbolic of the body of Christ such as Eucharist wafers – this is packed with Templar symbolism and iconography which has been associated with witch cults since the 11th century AD. Below the Oreo logo there is an inverted SET SQUARE AND COMPASS – the classic icons of world international freemasonry…. Do you really want to have these SYMBOLS DISSOLVING INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM???

The Hebrew meaning of the word ‘Or’ is ‘light’, the word EO is also ‘light’ in Greek – so OREO is the biscuit of Lucifer, the light bringer.”

-Christopher Everard

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