Dare to Truth

Lies,chemicals- carbon- water- LETS DISCUSS

“We have been lied to about everything here, but for me the most onerous lie is that water is just H2O, a chemical compound. Hydrogen is Hydrogen and Oxygen is Oxygen and when combined they can form water, but water is greater than just the combination of chemicals.

The truth is that just as our bodies consist of about 70% water, so does the mass of the earth.

Water is the “blood of the earth” that gives life to our Mother Earth, as well as to us, and therefore it is sacred.

Water is consciously aware, malleable, conductive (and carries energy), and can be a gas, liquid and a solid, and is self regenerative.

If humans understood the nature of water, and what it is and what it can do, we would stop using fossil fuels to create electricity, and fuel to run our motors.

Water can heal. It has anti-inflammatory properties to heal the body, in the form of ice. Distilled water contains acolytes that can remove toxins from the body. When bathing, or showering, water cleanses our soul bodies, as well. Water enlivens our bodies. We cannot stay alive without water. It is the “blood” of our Mother Earth that feeds us and comes from our Mother Earth.

Humans had better wake up with reverent respect to the power that is inherent in water.”

  • Colin Joe Byrne

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