Dare to Truth



There’s been a sudden surge in rough energies & attacks since about Friday the 20th … the day after Sydney Powell, Rudolph Guliani, Joe DeGenova et al … held their press conference – which energetically speaking – was all of humanity putting it’s foot down and saying:

” … no, we do not accept … we do not consent …  & we do not agree to continued enslavement through trickery, theft & lawlessness”

… which is how the Cabal won power in the first place.

This press conference EVENT had a big impact on the planetary grids … and after meticulous testing with the Teams to confirm (because the information blew my mind) on this week’s show, I’ll be revealing the answers to the following questions:

1) Are the physical dark ones ritualizing against the release of ‘The Kracken’ election surveillance data? 

2) Has some sort of negative grid collapsed, letting out & or compressing entities to low altitude & they’re flying about mostly attacking Starseeds, since Fri Nov 20th? 

3) Was this the Chimera grid?  

4) Was this the Archon grid?     

5) Was this the [Illuminati Breakaway Complex) IBC grid? 

6) Has this grid collapsed COMPLETELY? 

7) Are the Chimera (including their dormant clone bodies hidden in temporal bubbles) close to complete collapse & annihilation?

8) If so … to what degree? 

Are the Chimera:

70% removed? 

80% removed? 

90% removed? 

95% removed? 

99% removed? 

100% removed?  

8) Has this greatly panicked the Cabal (either consciously or subconsciously) in the same way that panicked negative entities (over the ramifications of RBG’s death) caused physical humans (that said entities were attached to) to freak out over RBG’s death?

9) Has these panicked negative [non-physical] entities, and caused them to attack Starseeds in particular? 

I can’t release this intel right here, because I have to wait for confirmation from other sources – namely Cobra & FM144.

So tune in to this week’s show (links below) for much more intel updates … and to also find out why Ground Crew Command is so popular – and why 144K Members often have said “… your show keeps me going”.

Furthermore …

I’ve noticed Starseeds using the election wrestle-mania drama being allowed to play-out by the White Hats, as an escape from putting 80% of their focus on their internal lives & needs.

Please stop doing this … It’s actually undermining Planetary Liberation. Focus on the things [3D or your own internal state] that will make the biggest difference in your life. 

The election wrestle-mania drama won’t reach any kind of conclusion until Dec 14th … at the earliest!

So don’t waste your time.

We need you strong … fit … and ready, because of the:


1, 2, 3, Knockout Punch 

of the 144K

The crucial Nov 30 Partial Lunar Eclipse 144KMass Meditation is only days away. So prepare & build your energy for the: 

Nov 30th – Partial Lunar Eclipse 

(there are no astrological aspects on this date, which means it is perfect for interference-free free-will manifestation & mental projection)  

Dec 14th – Total Solar Eclipse 

(the day the Electoral College will cast their final vote – FIY)

(… and these 144k Mass Meditations will do a LOT to help build up critical mass for the…)

Dec 21st – Solstice, Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction & Completion of the Age of Aquarius Timeline Stargate

As always … the degree of our success (and thus, how fast we get liberated) is mostly dependent on the following 3 factors:

1) working with Beyond Multiversal Beings – for more raw power

2) working with our I-AM Presences, from the point of Omnipresence – for more clairvoyance and connectedness – for greater “reach”

3) BUILDING THE NUMBERS … of physical incarnate participants – for more strength, power & coherence of the unified signal we put out during these meditations – to alter reality the way we see fit!

Hence, the:

 White  Friday 

‘Build-The-Numbers’ Sale.

60% – 80% OFF arguably the most powerful Energy Tools & Support 

Transform Your Life – This Thanksgiving Weekend

(… don’t believe me?    … lots of testimonials / results coming your way!)

To make things even more empowering, potent & fun for you – I’ve complied 

5 customized packages for you at a once-a-year-only insane price … and each package is specially designed with a specific strength & purpose … to resolve a need or fulfill a desire you likely have …

… because your 3D & energetic needs are always going to be different from the next fellow 144K Comrade you’re fighting along-side with. 

I’ll be revealing important educational information on each package each day (links won’t go live until WHITE Friday) … 

… so that you have time to do your research on which package is right you, for where you’re at right now; so you can get the breakthroughs that have eluded or frustrated you till now.

ps. Most veteran 144K Members know the night-&-day difference between paid promotions & ‘make this viral please’ organic promotions. In case you’re new – here’s a typical ‘build-the-numbers’ online promotion we mostly use our own money for,  to reach critical mass:

Stay tuned … and see you on this week’s huge episode of …

Ground Crew Command Radio 


Live broadcast at 8pm EST – Wed Nov 25! at the 144K Member’s Site

(The recording is available for download after the show if you’re in a different timezone)

[For the Back-up link or to Download the recording: Click HERE]

Ground Crew Command is YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week”

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