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MultiWave Oscillator

Lakhovsky’s MultiWave Oscillator
Another Perspective

I have been involved in alternative energy research for the last 4 plus years. My research into Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger and John Keely taught me that energy and the search for it in the universe is highly interrelated with energy of the body and the search for greater health. One hundred years ago there were more electric cars on the road than gasoline powered ones. One hundred years ago we knew what caused cancer and how to treat it. Then the Government stepped in and started to pay for health care. The pharmaceutical companies figured out they could make a lot of money “treating” people, not making them well, and then getting someone else to pay for it. 

Have you lost a loved one to cancer? Georges Lakhovsky had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period. Today we celebrate a 50% five-year survival rate.

“What seemed like a promising development in the use of the MWO in America quickly faded after Lakhovsky unexpectedly died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73. A car struck and killed him in a most mysterious manner. His equipment was removed from the hospital and patients were told that the therapy was no longer available.” Ed Wahler

Does it bother you that the AMA and the entire medical establishment have a financial interest in sickness?

In a recent Business Week cover story on cancer, oncologists and pharmaceutical company representatives stated that within 5 years, they were hoping to treat cancer like aids. With a cocktail of drugs you take for the rest of your life.

Here is the story of the Multi-Wave Oscillator. It is part Tesla coil, part Earth generator, pure genius. Lakhovsky’s device was used in this country until 1942 and in Europe for about another 15 years. It was ordered removed from the US hospitals that were using it shortly after Lakhovsky died in 1942. He was hit by a car. Coincidence? You be the judge.

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind-boggling: Lakhovsky was the first to predict the existence of the double helix we now know as DNA. He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes that normally are associated with oscillating electrical circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency. This effect is known as resonance. It’s easiest to compare it with a child swinging on a playground swing. As long as the parent pushes the swing a little at the right moment (the correct ‘frequency’), the child will continue to swing.

In electronics, circuits that generate these recurrent sine waves can be called electromagnetic resonators, but more commonly they are referred to as oscillators. Lakhovsky tells us that not only do all living cells produce and radiate oscillations of very high frequencies, but they also receive and respond to oscillations imposed upon them from outside sources. This outside source of radiation or oscillations is due to cosmic rays that bombard the Earth continuously as well modern day sources such as TV’s, radios, computers, cell phones and countless others. This incredible realization, achieved during the golden years of radio, not only led to a new method of healing by the application of high frequency waves, but broadened appreciation for the newly emerging field of hidden science known as Radionics or Radiathesia.

When these outside sources of oscillations are in sympathy, that is they are of the exact same frequency as that produced by the cell, the strength and vigor of that cell will be reinforced and become stronger. If, on the other hand, these outside frequencies are of a slightly different frequency, rather than reinforce the cell’s native oscillations, they might dampen or weaken them, resulting in a loss of vigor and vitality for that cell. The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (of the resonant frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body. If he pumped up the amplitude of the disease causing cells, their oscillations would gain the upper hand and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky viewed the progression of disease as essentially a battle between the resonant oscillations of host cells versus the oscillations emanating from pathogenic organisms.

He initially applied his theory to plants. In December 1924, he inoculated 10 geranium plants with a cancer that produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all 30 cm (12″) in diameter around the center of the plant and held it in place with an ebonite stake. The copper coil acted as of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant’s cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium’s cells. This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the cancer cells and destroy the cancer. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months the plant was thriving. All of the other cancer-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen.

Taking his cue from the geranium experiments,

Lakhovsky then fashioned loops of copper wire that could be worn around the waist, neck, elbows, wrists, knees, or ankles of people (or animals) and found that (given enough time) substantial relief of painful symptoms was obtained.

These simple coils, worn continuously around certain parts of the body, would invigorate the strength of the human cells and increased the immune response that in turn took care of the offending pathogens. At the time, when news spread of the success achieved with these “Lakhovsky Coils”, many Europeans were clamoring to get their own and often had to wait for months due to the backlog. One of the main reasons why so many people find copper wrist bracelets effective and beneficial is because the bracelet is functioning as a Lakhovsky Coil (it’s also providing minute trace amounts of copper to the body, which helps too). To achieve the Lakhovsky effect, it’s important that the coil (or bracelet) is “open” and made of copper. Closed rings simply don’t work.

Lakhovsky’s Multi-Wave Oscillator (multiwave oscillator)
Geroges Lakhovsky published the English version of The Secret of Life at the very outbreak of World War II. His work went unnoticed and little reviewed, but Lakhovsky’s reputation for obtaining dramatic results with his amazing Multi-Wave Oscillator gained world wide attention, nevertheless. By 1941, he had made his way to New York, escaping the Nazi occupation of France. Mark Clement, in The Waves that Heal, describes how many people and organizations hoping to capitalize on his MultiWave Oscillator therapy approached Lakhovsky.

A film made by an “enterprising beautician” featured several case histories of treatment with the MultiWave Oscillator that “proved to be both interesting and convincing”. Lakhovsky was also approached by several hospitals in New York hoping to test his apparatus experimentally. Remarkable results were obtained from a seven-week clinical trial performed at a major New York City hospital and that of a prominent Brooklyn urologist in the summer of 1941. Later editions of The Secret of Life detailed many of these cases.

What seemed like a promising development in the use of the MultiWave Oscillator in America quickly faded after Lakhovsky unexpectedly died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73. A car struck and killed him in a most suspicious manner. His equipment was removed from the hospital and patients were told that the therapy was no longer available. Except for this brief trial in New York, Lakhovsky’s work remained completely unknown to the American public. Even the spectacular success of the New York cases were quickly forgotten; an unlikely lapse of memory in the natural scheme of things. It seems that hidden hands were at work when it came to obliterating the memory of Lakhovsky’s Multi-Wave Oscillator in America. Fortunately, a small but growing group of experimenters, and researchers is helping to revive this honest device. Thousands of people have been helped quietly and without fanfare, due to the monopoly that doctors enjoy on being able to make medical claims. Several people now offer MultiWave Oscillator’s built from hard work and research into Lakhovsky’s MultiWave Oscillator and their own determination to see this life saving technology survive. My own use of an MultiWave Oscillator has demonstrated miraculous results. I have seen it completely defeat arthritis, gout, cancer, diabetes, nerve damage and other maladies. The MultiWave Oscillator helps “tune up” the body so that it heals like it was young and vibrant again. My own observations are in complete agreement with Lakhovsky’s claims and research results.

The original Multi-Wave Oscillator was designed and built by French engineer, Georges Lakhovsky from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Lakhovsky viewed the nucleus of the cell with its “filament strands” as being similar to an electronic oscillating circuit, capable of sending and receiving vibratory information. Lakhovsky believed that every cell in the body has its own rate of internal vibration. He viewed disease or illness as a battle of vibrations between the cells of the body versus viruses and bacteria. If the pathogenic organisms won this vibrational contest, the cells would become energetically weakened and more susceptible to disease.

The Secret of life pdf

According to Lakhovsky, the way to counter this vibrational attack was to introduce a broad spectrum of RF (radio frequency) harmonic energies into the system and then, through the principle of sympathetic resonance, each cell would pick out exactly the proper frequency needed to reinforce its own internal vibration and the healthy cell would be more resistant to vibrational attack from virus and bacteria. His method of achieving this was by means of his invention that is known today as the MultiWave Oscillator.

The MultiWave Oscillator offered here is as true and accurate to Lakhovsky’s original patents as is possible today. The MultiWave Oscillator is an experimental, historical research instrument and no medical claims can be legally made. The MultiWave Oscillator Unit includes the printed circuit board “Golden Ratio” antennas. There are also stands that hold the antennas. It is not a medical instrument and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or mitigate any illness or disease. That part is for the lawyers which would rather see you dead than lose control of their income stream.

Original Multiple Wave Oscillator
Read Lakhovsky’s theories in his own words from an article published in 1925 (ed. note: Radio News Magazine in 1925) 

Lakhovsky’s central idea is this: 

Each ring of his special antenna system radiated at a different wavelength and frequency dependent upon its diameter. The different size rings would set up interference patterns between themselves, producing a plethora of harmonic frequencies at many different wavelengths. The patient would be then be exposed to a “MultiWave Oscillating Field”. 

Each living cell in our bodies functions much like a tuned circuit with its DNA strand acting as a self inducting coil. Each living cell is capable of “resonating” to an external source of frequencies in the same manner as a guitar string beginning to vibrate when exposed to the standard pitch of the correct tuning fork.

The idea of “Resonance” is the key to understanding the function of Lakhovsky’s Multi-Wave Oscillator. The resonant frequency of cells and organs happens to be the natural frequency of health for that individual cell.

Exposure to the MultiWave Oscillator field induces an detoxification effect/ experience as the body attempts to shed itself of accumulated toxins. An example would be the case of a cigarette smoker starting to cough more as the lungs begin a process of self cleansing in response to repeated exposure to the MultiWave Oscillator field.

By George Lakhovsky (title of original article edited)

A new and important application of very short wavelengths is described in this article by one of the leading French scientists.

The new application of short wavelength oscillations described in this article is one of the most important ever found, and we are pleased to present to our readers this article by Mr. George Lakhovsky, the well known French scientist. The experiments described were carried out in collaboration with several doctors and scientists of high standing and it seems from results obtained, that the very high frequency treatments will play an important role in the future. We shall publish in a later issue another article on this new system, together with the effects of ultra radio frequencies in the treatment of other diseases in human beings.

Since November, 1923, I have published in various technical and radio publications, several papers in which I explained my theory that the instinct or special feeling, which permits birds to direct themselves in space, is only the results of the emission and reception of rays by living beings.

While developing this theory, I explained how thoroughly I was convinced that science will discover, some day, not only the nature of microbes but the radiation which they produce, but also a method of killing disease bacilli within the human body by means of the proper radiations.

The researches I have made by means of special apparatus have shown such results, that I believe my theory to be correct. This theory is that life is born from radiations, kept going by radiation and suppressed by any accident producing the destruction of the oscillatory equilibrium, especially by the radiations of certain microbes, which suppress those of the weaker cells.

Before going any further in our reasoning, it is necessary, in order to present the facts to the uninitiated reader, to imagine what oscillations really are. The motion of a pendulum will be used for this explanation. When a pendulum is displaced from the position of equilibrium, it moves back and forth producing what are known as synchronous oscillations, until the energy stored is entirely exhausted. By means of a motor, a spring, or an electro-magnet, it is possible to keep the motion of the pendulum of constant amplitude, producing un-damped oscillations.

If, on the contrary, the source of power is removed, the oscillations die down and it is necessary not only to re-apply the power sustaining the oscillations, but also to furnish additional energy to start the pendulum in motion. This oscillation of a pendulum reproduces exactly what happens in the cells of a living being.

Our organs are composed of cells formed of protoplasm containing various mineral matters and acids, such as iron, chloride, phosphorous, etc. It is by the combination of these elements that the cells detect outside waves and vibrate continuously at a very high frequency, probably higher than the period of X-rays or over all other vibrations known and measured today.

The amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes. The astro-physicians are actually carrying out experiments of great interest on the existence of vibrations, which have been called penetration rays and of which the frequency is higher than that of X-rays and of the alpha, beta and gamma rays of radium. Such rays, according to the theory, are produced by the earth itself and some others come from outside space. Accurate measurements have proven the correctness of this theory. Therefore, it is quite permissible to believe that these penetration rays, or at least some of them, produce the vibratory motion of living cells and consequently their life.

For instance, let us suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell through radiation, and sickness is started If the cell cannot repel the stronger vibrations and if the amplitude of its own vibration is forced to decrease, the microbe gains in amplitude and its vibrations begin to decrease and stop those of the cells, bringing on dangerous sickness or death. If, on the contrary, the living cell is started vibrating with the proper amplitude by inside or outside causes, the oscillatory attack is repulsed. Such is my theory. The problem is somewhat similar to the situation in which a rescuer finds himself when, coming to help a friend in a dangerous situation, finds himself fighting hand to hand against strong aggressors. The rescuer does not dare to fire his gun, fearing to harm his friend mixed up with the aggressors in the melee. Similarly, microbes and healthy cells are all exposed to electric or radioactive action, which could be used to destroy the unwanted rays and it is difficult to suppress them without harming or killing at the same time the cells that are to be treated. In fact, since Pasteur, scientists have been constantly searching for a means of destroying microbes. The great difficulty with all methods found was that in destroying the bacilli, the cell was attacked too. The experience gained in cancer and tuberculosis treated with radium, X-rays, or ultra-violet rays, shows how difficult is the world of the investigators.

The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells, but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper fields. During January, 1924, I began to build, according to this theory, and with the purpose of therapeutic applications, an apparatus, which I have called the Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator, with the firm belief that the cells vibrating at extremely short wave- lengths would find their own in the Hertzian waves, which have the properties of producing extremely short harmonics. The cell with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple radiations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance. This type of vibration are produced by the radio waves that I propose to use, is harmless, unlike those of x-rays and radium. Their application, therefore, does not present any danger for the operator. I exposed in front of my apparatus, during long periods, a certain number of microbes in culture, which developed themselves normally.

I, myself, have never felt the effect of these ultra radio frequencies, although I remained for a great many days near the apparatus, during the treatment applied to the living cells. It is only when two living beings such as a cell and a microbe, are in contact, that the rays produced by the Radio- Cellulo-Oscillator have any direct effect upon cellular structure. The experiments that I carried out at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, in the service and with the collaboration of Prof. Gosset, were made with plants inoculated with cancer, and the results were described in a paper presented on July 26, last year, before the Biological Society. The text of this paper follows.”One knows that it is possible to produce by inoculation of Bacterium tumefaciens in plants, tumors similar to those of cancer in animals. One of us obtained experimentally by this method, a great number of tumors. These had various degrees of development. Some of them dry up partially, but do not die entirely until the entire plant or at least the limb bearing the tumor dies. Even removed by surgical methods, these tumors grew again on the sick limb.” 

“We propose to describe in this paper, the action of electromagnetic waves of very high frequency obtained by means of the Radio Cellulo-Oscillator of George Lakhovsky. This apparatus produces wavelengths of the order of two meters and less, corresponding to 150 million cycles per second. A first plant was submitted to the effect of the radiation one month after being inoculated with cancer; at this time small tumors of the size of a cherry stone were visible upon it. This plant was submitted to the rays twice, for three hours each time. During the following days, the tumors continued to grow rapidly in the same ways as those on plants, which had not been submitted to the effect of radiations. However, 16 days after the first treatment, the tumors began to shrink and dry up. A few days later the tumors were entirely dried up and could be very easily detached from the limb of the plant by merely touching them. The drying action of the radio frequency radiations is selective and affects only the sick part of the plant. Even the inside sick tissues were destroyed, although they were next to healthy cells in the center of the limb, showing that the radiations had not affected the healthy parts.”

” Another plant was treated in the same way, except that it was exposed 11 times, for three hours each time, to the radiations of the oscillator. Sixteen days after the first exposure the tumors, which were rather large as shown in one of the photographs, began to shrink and dry up and were easily detached from the limb exactly as in the first case. Again in this case, the healthy parts of the plant were not affected in the least. A third plant exposed to the radiations for nine hours, that is, three treatments of three hours each, was cured in the same manner as the two others. Sixteen plants also inoculated with cancer, were left without treatment. They have tumors in full activity, several of which are very large. These experiments show conclusively that plants inoculated with cancer can be treated and cured by means of the ultra radio frequency vibrations, whereas surgical treatment fails. “In conclusion I wish to call the attention of the reader to the fact that I have obtained very conclusive results not only with a wavelength of two meters, but with longer and shorter wave-lengths. The main thing is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible.” Such are the results of my researches with plants.

At the present time, similar experiments are being carried out with animals and it seems that the effect on cancerous animals is the same as on cancerous plants. I am highly pleased to present my theory and the results of my work in a scientific review of the United States, this great country, which has always been in the lead in the fight against this terrible sickness, cancer, and whose sympathy and help I would greatly appreciate.

Thousands of people have been healed, and spared pain and misery through the underground information they obtained and the use of an MultiWave Oscillator. As a scientist, engineer and inventor, I met with skepticism the concept of such an empirically simple device being capable of such amazing results.

If you have a friend,family member or aquaintence with cancer please send them this link

However, after seeing numerous people use the MultiWave Oscillator and report lasting relief or complete reversal of their condition, I can only say that the word must get out. The tyranny of the medical establishment must be faced head on so that loved ones need not die from totally curable cancers and disease. Quality of life can be restored to millions who suffer from Arthritis, diabetes, and countless other normal ailments. The drugs being prescribed to us are poisons intended to use us as guinea pigs and sources of unending income for Big Pharma. If you have a loved one who is suffering, find out more and give an MultiWave Oscillator a try. It can’t do any harm and may be safer, more effective than what your doctor wants to do to you.

-Ed Wahler

What is a Multi-Wave-Oscillator ?

and What can it do for me ?

All living organisms have specific resonate frequencies and micro currents associated with them including bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungus. 

Fact 1: If one takes two tuning forks of same frequency vibrating one will cause the other to vibrate. Similarly an Opera singer can shatter a crystal glass by sounding its resonate frequency. 

Fact 2: Viruses are living organisms. 

Theory 1: Broadcasting specific frequencies through the body can overload and destroy living pathogenic organisms when their specific frequency resonance is included. 

Theory 2: Broadcasting a broad range of frequencies (micro currents) throughout the body advesely affects the replication process of many different pathogens.

Geroges Lakhovsky: Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed
to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. 
A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body 
to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy
microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy. 

The MultiWave Oscillator is a multiple wave oscillator. What it does is saturate the cells of the body with energy. In turn the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing repair and operation. When you use the machine regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the MultiWave Oscillator supplies that energy. 

This is accomplished by setting up a high energy field in and around the body through resonance. The MultiWave Oscillator does not pass current through the body. All that is used is an oscillating field. The process is similar to shaking a box of marbles after a while they organize themselves neatly into the order that their shape dictates. This is true of the body’s molecular structure too. When this is achieved the cells work at maximum ability without stressing them. 

Some scientists explain it this way. A NORMAL cell has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts, an AGED cell at 50 mV, and a CANCER or ill cell is 15 mV. When a cell is in electrical distress the mV and the sodium-potassium balance are out of balance. The high potential brings the cells to an equal level basically resetting them. This allows healing to occur at a higher pace without stressing the cell. And the additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting it’s molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement. Basically it bolsters the field of each cell individually so they support each other more easily...Moving the damaged areas while on the machine helps to increase the recovery speed of mechanical injures. Many people meditate while on the machine using the machine as the focal point. Others just sit and watch TV or put on a movie. Don’t sit rigid like a statue, shrug the shoulders, move your head around. Think pleasant thoughts, negative thought patterns consume more energy than you think.

The MultiWave Oscillator is a harmonizing energy source that is capable of generating electrical and magnetic fields with abroad spectrum of frequencies. Cells, tissues and organs become under the influence of these fields harmonized and activated in their correct state. By applying these harmonizing fields to living cells, tissues and organs all imbalances, blockades and internal quarrels disappear and the mutual co–operation in the body is corrected. This in turn leads to the disappearance of health imbalace and dis-ease..

Lakhovsky believed that living cells are batteries; the nucleus holds the positive charge and the cytoplasm carries the negative. If cells were irradiated with a range of electromagnetic oscillations, they could be “recharged” and thus rejuvenated. A range of frequencies is necessary because the cell and its parts respond to different frequencies.

Mainstream research supports the idea that “We are electrical creatures using a biochemical body to exist in an electro-chemical environment,” as Van Tassel wrote. The name “Integratron” actually applies to a machine, a high-voltage electrostatic generator, that would supply the range of frequencies to recharge cell structure. Added to this are certain magnetic field principles and Nikola Tesla’s technique of creating high ionization static fields.

multiwave oscillator means MultiWave Oscillator and is essentially two circular antennas with muliple concentric yet isolated paths so that high voltage discharges move from one ring to the next, in the process creating complex multiple wavelength electrostatic fields. 

Normally the subject sits between these circular antennas and serves as the ground as the high voltage, multiiple frequency electrostatic fields are received and absorbed by the tissues of the subject.

The MultiWave Oscillator is an experimental device from which the results definitely justify further extensive research to other possibilities of applications. Applications of the MultiWave Oscillator

The healing action of the MultiWave Oscillator is very broad due to the fact that it is holistically at work. The healing process happens in all parts of the body. Multi-Wave-Oscillators are used in many countries worldwide by therapist and individuals and it is successfully applied to: 

Electro stress afflictions:

Pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back, tennis elbows and so called pinched nerves and infected tendons, and slipped disk (Hernia).

Additional applications by:

Rheumatism, arthritis, rheumatic arthritis, infections, headaches, migraines, heart rhythm disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome and many more other afflictions.

Cancer and tumors

Some results indicate that the MultiWave Oscillator can be applied also with the treatment of cancer and tumors, but further research will indicate into how effective it is. 

Some background on the MultiWave Oscillator

The MultiWave Oscillator from which the original design in all probability came from Nikola Tesla. George Lakhovskyhas in turn elaborated on this design and has done many experiments on plants, animals and people with stunning results. He has furthermore in his book “The secret of Live, Electricity, Radiation and your Body” (ISBN 0-939482-08-8) stated that cells from living organism behave themselves as small radio transmitters and receivers. When cells are irradiated with a correct polarized electromagnetic field(which has a broad range of frequencies) , each cell will pick up on a frequency and assimilate the energy out of that field. This has a tremendous stimulating and harmonizing action on the cells and thus interacts with surrounding tissues and organs. Every atom in the Universe has a frequency. Whether it’s a grain of sand, a piece of steel, a plant, animal or an organ in your body, each cell resonates, or vibrates, at a specific frequency or oscillation. Your body consists of a variety of atoms, which contain photons, electrons & an overall bio-electric energy that runs through it. The way you take care of your body physically, emotionally and mentally determines how many negative frequencies or toxins are being built up in it. There are four general ways imbalance in the body is created. Through toxic substances we eat, pollution we breathe, exposure to a negative energetic environment, and how we process information in our thinking & feeling.

The Harmonizing Principle in our body:

Our body consists of a quantity of organs that are in turn are made up of tissues. These tissues are in turn made up of cells. When all cells cooperate with each other by being arranged in the right order (correctly polarized), then a bundling of energy happens and the organ will function optimally and strongly. If there are cells that are not correctly arranged or in the wrong order, then these cells are working against the correctly arranged cells and as such the organ performs weaker. When the amount of cells in the wrong order is extremely large and in a state of disorder, the organ will as such perform very weakly and most probably perform in the wrong way.

What does the MultiWave Oscillator do? 

The MultiWave Oscillator is a harmonizing energy source. It projects an electromagnetic field that radiates through all cells of the organs. The good polarized cell derives energy from this projected field since this field is in sync with the frequencies of the healthy cells. You can compare this to someone on a swing, when you give the swing a push at the right moment, it swings harder. Thus if there are cells that are not correctly arranged or in the wrong order, they are first slowed down by the EMF field and then consequently encouraged and forced to move and vibrate in the correct order.


The exact opposite is also possible. 

When EMF fields are incorrectly polarized, such as the mains voltage in our house and the electromagnetic radiation of transmitters, then the carried over energy of these fields will counteract the cells which are arranged in the right order (correctly polarized). This condition is known as Electro stress. After a while, this can result in a chronic condition. Many conditions and afflictions are the result of electro smog.

Any condition, which has the origins in electro smog, can have extremely good results when treated by the lakhovsky oscillator. Already by the first treatment results are considerable visible. Any disorders and blockades are lifted which leave a feeling of relaxation and relief. 

Of course it is important to do something about the cause of electro smog.
Unless you do something about the cause, the earlier complaints and conditions will return. Click here for more info

What the Multi-Wave cannot do: 

The MultiWave Oscillator can harmonize your body, remove blockades, neutralize electro stress, possible HELP infections ,cancer and even more. 

But what the MultiWave Oscillator cannot do is correct any deficiencies that are present in your body. If you have a chronic deficiency of vitamins, minerals (who hasn’t?!!)MultiWave Oscillator cannot supply this. Any treatment should include nutritive supplements. The inclusion of nutritive supplements and even homeopathic remedies and medicinal herbs will greatly enhance the interaction of harmonizing action of the MultiWave Oscillator. 

Chemical remedies can have the opposite effect on the healing process, because when these are taken, chemical poison is released in the body and it absorbs energy from the body in order to remove these toxins again. But in certain stages of the course of disease they can be required.The work of a Russian engineer, Georges Lakovsky, who in the 1920’s developed an electric-coil multiwave oscillator that produced great amounts of electromagnetic energy. Over three hundred patients, many with cancer, were treated with the device in a New York City hospital, and seventy percent of them improved. Shealy believes that high-frequency electrical stimulation recharges chi in a way similar to recharging a car battery…

How to support the treatment of the MultiWave Oscillator

Of course it is imperative to collaborate as much as possible with the MultiWave Oscillator treatments. It can entail changes to an unhealthy way of living, like smoking, large amounts of alcohol consumption, or moving to a electro smog free environment.

A condition or affliction can be seen as a signal of our body (and mind) that we might need to change our lifestyle and surroundings. Of course it is not always possible to be aware of such harmful influences, like electro smog. Nevertheless our body’s does react, regardless whether you recognize it or not. At one stage or another it will develop in a chronic condition or stubborn sickness. Then it is the time to spend the correct amount of attention

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