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Priest or not to priest

Atlantean High Priests

Past life regressions as well as stories told to contactees reveal how in Atlantis the high priests played an important role. In Sacred Journey To Antantis, Dr. Norma J. Milanovich describes them as the “Elders of Atlantis who understood the ancient mysteries and universal laws. They held the highest positions in Atlantis. They understood that divine thought came from the source of all creation, but some became so confident in their own thoughts and inspirations that they began to think that they were the source of all power. As a result, some of them made decisions that bypassed the connection back to the Creator, which ultimately brought disastrous consequences to the planet. Their knowledge was said to be so elevated that they actually understood the mysteries of creating a universe.” In that way they could be compared to the Orion Priests.

Past life regressions also pointed out that not all Atlantean High Priests were from Earth. I have knowledge oftwo people who in regression sessions went to past lives where they had been Sirian scientists who were working as high priests in Atlantis.

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