Dare to Truth

The Golden Age is here- 26,000 years cycle will be a start of a new beginning

We are currently at the end of a 26000-year cycle and Earth has entered into a Null Zone. This is a period where cataclysmic upheavals are expected to shake our Planet to prepare the stage for the coming Golden Age. Cosmic rays from the Great Central Sun enter this planet through the Giza pyramid and are distributed to the rest of the planet thereafter.

For the first time in recent history, Earth is being reconnected via a Pillar of Light to the Great Central Sun and all the veils between us and the higher dimensions are being removed. This pillar of light will protect all those of a positive vibration from the chaos of the coming changes while those of a negative vibration will be forced to exit the planet.

The Sun Disk Portals have been successfully reactivated over the Giza Pyramid since November 2019 but they can only be seen with the third eye since they resonate at a 5th-dimensional frequency. The Giza Pyramid is connected to the Lions Stargate portal of Orion and Sirius Star Systems via these Sun Disk portals. The activation of this portal will continue to effect rapid and escalated changes which have an incredibly positive effect on our planet. Our genetic code is being upgraded to a Galactic Frequency. The opening of this portal is raising the frequency of our planet exponentially preparing humanity towards Star Seed Ascension. This means that all of humanity’s Dormant DNA strands will be reactivated within a very short span of time and we will regain our blocked memories and advanced Angelic abilities which we had in previous epochs of time including Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.

The Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids are the last remaining remnants of a once-thriving and technologically advanced society. The Ancient ‘JEDAI’ Scientist Priests of Egypt were adept with the Power of the Word and light language. ‘JEDAI’ is derived from our ancient mother tongue from the word ‘JEDIAH’ meaning ‘The way of the Word’. The Jedai priests & priestesses built the Pyramids not only in Egypt but all across the world, with mind-boggling precision on sacred sites where the Ley Lines and Energy Grinds of Earth intersect.

The pyramids themselves are massive Geophysical Computers which respond to sacred sound harmonics as their command system. There are many hidden chambers within the pyramids which respond to sacred voice-activated “keys”. The Ancient Egyptians discovered that human DNA can be evolved through the proper use of ‘Light Language’ accompanied by sacred harmonic frequencies of sound vibrations, the controlled generation of magnetic fields and higher frequencies of light. They had perfected the use of sound vibrations with secret keys that could activate higher states of consciousness as well as affecting states of healing within our physical vessel. Many secrets of these ancient structures will be revealed to humanity in the coming age.

Many of these Ancient Jedai priests and priestesses have now reincarnated and are walking amongst us. A few have already regained their memories and know who they are. Others are still dormant and will have their memories activated at the appropriate time. Humanity is slowly being prepared for all Ancient Knowledge to be returned to us. We are being prepared during our sleep states for the reactivation of the sacred “Solar Ra” frequencies via our Solar Plexus. The light council of 144 which oversees the Ascension of this planet is monitoring and directing these multidimensional upgrades. The ones selected for these upgrades are the ones who are primarily of the orientation of “Service to Others”. The ones who are in “Service to Self” polarity have been chosen to relocate to another planet as they will not be able to survive the coming changes.

The coming Golden Age will see extraordinary abilities being reactivated within humanity where some of us may become greater than Angels. Earth will become a heavenly planet as used to be the case in the previous Golden Ages. All veils will be lifted and many Star Nations will be in contact with us in the coming age. Earth will be a Galactic Hub, a place of beauty, trade, pleasure and enjoyment where many Intergalactic Races reside amongst us and share their knowledge with us.

We are in for the ride of a lifetime!

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